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The company specialising in office properties in the capital cities of Central Europe promises varied job roles, autonomy at work and an international environment. More than 400 employees form the foundation of success for the Group. These professional, responsible and committed staff members are active across all areas of the real estate industry, from land and project development to marketing and property management, from portfolio management and trading to technical, commercial and legal areas.

Insights into our daily work

Behind every strong company stands a multitude of employees who make it unique. A glimpse behind the scenes at CA Immo is best provided by the people who experience their day-to-day work here.

Christine Falck-Kocur - Asset Managerin

Christine Falck-Kocur works as an asset manager at the CA Immo office in Berlin. She is responsible for the marketing of CA Immo project developments as well as contract extensions and new lettings of existing properties. In this interview, she talks about her experience of entering the real estate industry as a career changer. Read more!


Dominik Rans - Analyst

Dominik Rans is an analyst and works at the CA Immo office in Prague. In this interview, he explains what contribution an analyst can make to both the development and success of the company's goals. And he gives an insight into why working as an analyst also has something to do with sustainability.Read more!


Maria Wieshammer - Deputy Group Head of Corporate Office & Group Head of Compliance

Maria Wieshammer is Deputy Group Head of Corporate Office & Group Head of Compliance in Vienna. In this interview, she talks about her varied area of work and tells us which facets she enjoys the most. She also reveals what qualities you need to have to be successful in this role.  Read the full interview here.

Christoph Renovanz - Real Estate Development Manager

Today we are introducing Christoph Renovanz, who works in the Berlin Development Team. He describes what makes his job so varied and exciting and why his work as a real estate development manager often fills him with pride. And he also has a tip for anyone who wants to pursue a career in development. Read more


Tereza Šimková - Asset Manager

Today we introduce you to our young Asset Manager, who began her journey at CA Immo as a student in 2019. In this interview, she shares her experience and offers insights into her career progression, along with valuable advice for those looking for a similar path. Learn about what fascinates her most about real estate industry and the exciting projects she’s involved in. For the full story, read on!

Paul Heider - Leasing Manager

Paul Heider Portrait

Today we introduce you to Paul Heider, who works as a Leasing Manager at CA Immo in Frankfurt. In this interview, he gives us an insight into his varied day-to-day work and tells us which aspects he finds most interesting. Click here for the details!


Katalin Csépainé Makkos - Office Manager

Katalin Csépainé Makkosis an office manager in Budapest. In this interview, she talks about her varied field of activity and tells us which facets she enjoys the most. Find out what challenges the job brings and what role CA Immo plays in terms of family compatibility here


Katarina Kreihsl -Head of ESG Group Reporting

Katarina Kreihsl Portrait

Today we introduce you to Katarina Kreihsl, Head of ESG Group Reporting at CA Immo in Vienna. In this interview, she gives us an insight into her varied day-to-day work. She talks about ESG management, which processes, strategies are behind it and which aspects excite her. Read more about the interview here



Simon Motzet - Asset Manager

Simon Motzet joined CA Immo Germany as asset manager in 2021. In this interview, he tells us what excites him about his job. He talks about joining the CA Immo team and the wide range of topics he now manages on a daily basis. Click here for the interview

Aleksandra Niziolek - Technical Asset Manager

Aleksandra Niziolek works for CA Immo in Poland and gives an insight into her exciting day-to-day work in this interview. She illustrates the diverse tasks associated with the job and describes her field of activity. In addition, Aleksandra shares valuable advice on how to build and maintain a professional network. 
Read more about the interview here.

Julian Wöhrle - Deputy Head of Capital Markets CAID

Today we introduce Julian Wöhrle, who works as Deputy Head of Capital Markets at CA Immo in Munich. In the interview, he gives us insights into his varied day-to-day work and tells us how he was able to develop from Executive Assistant of Management to his current position.Click here for details!


Edit Galambos - Deputy Head: Taxes and Accounting

Edit Galambos has been Deputy Head of Tax and Accounting at CA Immo since 2015. She is responsible for accounting, tax returns and quarterly reporting and has management responsibility, which makes her day-to-day work varied and presents her with challenges, especially when it comes to market changes and meeting tenants' needs. Read the interview here to find out how she manages her day-to-day work.

Georg Edinger - Organization Manager

Georg Edinger has been working at CA Immo in Vienna for over 10 years. He started his career as a working student. This enabled him to gain deeper insights into the company. In the interview, he talks about the know-how an organization manager needs to have and the challenges associated with the job. Click here to read the interview. 

Maria Löffler - HR Controller

Maria Loeffler has been part of the CA Immo team in Vienna since 2015. After her second maternity leave, she is now working part-time. In this interview, she gives an insight into her everyday working life and how career and family can be reconciled due to the flexibility provided by her employer. Read more about Maria here.

Izabella Szotyori-Pall - Team Assistant

Izabella Szotyori-Pall has been working as a receptionist at CA Immo in Vienna for 4 years now. In the interview, she gives insights into her multifaceted everyday work, tells us how job and family can be easily combined and how flexibility is given by the employer CA Immo. Read more here

Eva Ackermann - Deputy Head of Group Accounting

[Translate to English:] Eva Ackermann

Eva Ackermann has been working in accounting for 12 years, including 2 years at CA Immo. In addition to her professional expertise, she is a team player, which is an essential criterion in her area of responsibility. You can read more about the necessary skills and Eva's experience in the full article here.

Daniel Schuler - Investment Manager

Daniel Schuler, Investment Manager CAI

With 18 completed transactions and more than 4 years at CA Immo, Daniel Schuler has extensive know-how. Find out in the interview what challenges he faces as an investment manager and what qualifications are necessary for this position. This way.

Dora Kelecsenyi - Leasing und Marketing Manager

For the past 5 years, Dora Kelecsenyi has been working as Leasing and Marketing Manager for CA Immo Hungary. In this interview, she talks about her daily work and what her job as Senior Leasing Manager entails. Learn more about Dora here.


Alina Syrkina - Senior Analyst

Today we introduce Alina Syrkina, who holds the position of Senior Analyst in Asset Management at CA Immo in Vienna. She started building up the team of analysts two years ago together with her colleagues who work at CA Immo’s branches in different countries. It is precisely this internationality and the intercultural cooperation within the team, that Alina particularly appreciates about her job with us. Get to know her!

Michal Krawczyk - Senior Technical Asset Manager

Michal Krawczyk tells us why he came back to CA Immo after a break and what exciting and surprising moments he has already experienced in his everyday working life. Find out more here.


Laura Bakemeier - Project Manager

Laura Bakemeier is a project manager in the Berlin office. From an early age, she learned to love the affinity for craft and today puts this great interest into practice in various construction projects. Find out what challenges the job entails and what role CA Immo plays in terms of family compatibility here.


Agata Wołos - Asset Manager

The CA Immo subsidiary in Poland offers a stable environment, great colleagues and constant challenges in international projects. These things arouse a lot of motivation at work for Agata Wolos. Find out which buildings make the Warsaw center so remarkable and more about international talent programs here.


Hedwig Höfler - Head of Investment Management AT & CEE

Hedwig Höfler Portrait

Hedwig Höfler has been working at CA Immo for 20 years. Read more about what is particularly important to her in her job and how she was able to combine her job and her family here.


Albin Wimmer - Deputy Head of Legal AT, CEE

Albin Wimmer joined CA Immo's legal department in 2015. Read more about his career at the company and what he particularly likes about his job here.

ONE GOOD TEAM – Project Leader Melanie Ploch

Melanie Ploch was born in Frankfurt and grew up in the Rhein-Main area. The skyline is part of her home. Now she is helping to shape “her” city herself:

She is a project leader for one of CA Immo’s most important project developments: the ONE.

Read the whole story

CA Immo Insights: Remote Leadership Journey

CA Immo Insights: Sustainability in the office

We give impulses to your career

The CA Immo Academy: kick-starting your career

Promoting personal career paths, establishing and enhancing professional expertise and management skills, team building measures, organisational development and company health promotion are cornerstones of human resource management at CA Immo.

Developed on the basis of internal staff surveys, the CA Immo Academy offers modular training and instruction at all sites in three core areas:

  • Business: Training and specific skills development in the various areas of work
  • Skills: Personal development, social skills training for individual needs
  • Health & Fit: Promoting and sustaining capacity to work through the acquisition of communication and stress management techniques

For the current year, we are specifically offering (remote) training courses on the following topics:

  • Regular management training courses
  • Annual Professional Program (Fire)
  • Health lectures
  • Regular updates on various current topics in the specialist areas
  • Specific training courses such as Excel training (online), negotiation training (online), personality training
  • Coaching on various topics for managers and employees
  • Continuous offers on current hot-topics or depending on the demand: e.g. Leading without professional leadership skills, moderation and presentation training, communication training, conflict management
  • Language training
  • Teambuildings
  • Welcome Days
  • Inhouse training on various tools like Webex, Bim, etc.

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