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CA Immo develops careers

Your career at CA Immo

The company specialising in office properties in the capital cities of Central Europe promises varied job roles, autonomy at work and an international environment. More than 300 employees form the foundation of success for CA Immo. These professional, responsible and committed staff members are active across all areas of the real estate industry, from land and project development to marketing and property management, from portfolio management and trading to technical, commercial and legal areas.


The CA Immo Academy: kick-starting your career

Promoting personal career paths, establishing and enhancing professional expertise and management skills, team building measures, organisational development and company health promotion are cornerstones of human resource management at CA Immo.

Developed on the basis of internal staff surveys, the CA Immo Academy offers modular training and instruction at all sites in three core areas:

  • Business: Training and specific skills development in the various areas of work
  • Skills: Personal development, social skills training for individual needs
  • Health & Fit: Promoting and sustaining capacity to work through the acquisition of communication and stress management techniques


Get in contact

We enjoy meeting and getting to know talented individuals and future colleagues at various events and trade fairs such as IREBS and EXPO.
If you would like to visit us at another time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
You can find our calendar of scheduled appearances here.