Agata Wołos

Asset Manager

What do you particularly enjoy about your job at CA Immo?

Working at CA Immo is not only about a stable environment, great colleagues and a good atmosphere at the office. For me, working in this company means, above all, constant challenges and new projects, the implementation of which is inspired by the constantly changing external environment and the need for development. I especially appreciate working on international projects, because striving to achieve a common goal gives me a sense of mission and a large dose of motivation to act.


Which building of CA Immo´s real estate portfolio is the most remarkable or interesting to you and why?

Since I am responsible for CA Immo's buildings in Poland, I would like to highlight Warsaw Spire B and C as the most interesting projects. Mainly due to the fact that, together with their surroundings, they create a unique urban fabric. It is a space where people can not only work, but also rest in the shade of green trees, enjoy the peace and quiet in the center of Warsaw or eat a family dinner at the weekend in one of the nearby restaurants. No wonder that the buildings of Warsaw Spire, along with the unique European Square, are an ideal place for employees, residents of Warsaw and tourists.


You recently participated in CA Immo´s international talent program. What were your most valuable takeaways?

The main theme of this program was “The Office of the Future”. As a result of extensive discussions in an international team and a joint search for an answer to the question of what the office of the future will be like, we have managed to define several directions in which office buildings will follow. Ideas regarding ecology, striving for climate neutrality, as well as new technologies. Some of which I can now implement in my daily work, are especially valuable.