Whistleblower System

CA Immo regularly develops new benchmarks – in city profiles as well as corporate culture. We place great value on professionalism, transparency and fairness even beyond the compliance with laws and regulations.

As early as 2018, CA Immo implemented a Whistleblower System as a central component of our compliance organisation, which employees and third parties – such as contractual partners – can use to report illegal behaviour, ethical violations or other observed misconduct by name or anonymously. In all cases, the utmost discretion will be maintained and your information will be treated in strict confidence.

As legitimate reports help to preserve our values and our reputation in the market, whistleblowers are fully protected from any retaliation if, at the time of reporting, they have reasonable grounds to believe, based on the actual circumstances and the information available to them, that the information they have provided is true. However, misuse of the platform will not be tolerated.

Further information on the Whistleblower System and the associated procedure can be found directly on the platform.

Please follow this link to reach our Whistleblower System