Employer CA Immo

What we stand for

CA Immo is a forward-looking, conscientious, cooperative and efficient company setting the standard in urban environments. We are mindful of our social responsibilities within the real estate market; we think in the long term and apply expertise and implementation skills to our business activities. 

The most valuable resource we possess is our workforce: it is the dedication of our employees that ensures our real estate projects are gainful investments producing real value. Working for CA Immo means:

  • Ample scope for fulfilling potential
  • Areas of personal responsibility
  • Numerous opportunities for learning and development 
  • International exchanges
  • Performance-related remuneration packages

What we build on

As an international group active in a dynamic market, we are faced with many challenges. Our shared values of teamwork, quality, sustainability and trust are the solid foundations on which we do business and perform effectively. Responsible governance on an ecological, economic and social level is a key issue at CA Immo. More information regarding Sustainability and CSR is provided here.


What we offer - Benefits*


In today's world, adequate education and training is in many ways the key to success. For this reason, we at CA Immo like to offer our employees a comprehensive range of training opportunities through which they acquire the strategies they need to cope with a constantly changing working environment. The CA Immo Academy provides our employees with a broad spectrum of regular internal and external training and development programmes. In addition, CA Immo's human resources development programme includes numerous other measures such as training days, flexible working hours and financial support for the completion of (dual) studies. In order to meet the individual requirements and learning needs of our staff in this context, the CA Immo Academy uses traditional learning methods in the form of seminars and lectures as well as e-learning and interactive workshops. You can find further information on our further training programme here.



As we are always looking to recruit motivated applicants, we are cooperating with selected universities. One of our most valued collaborations is with the International Real Estate Business School in Regensburg. In the course of this cooperation students regularly receive the opportunity to gain insight into the day-to-day professional life at CA Immo. 
At the end of 2020, CA Immo entered into a cooperation with the company myAbility Social Enterprise GmbH from Austria. myAbility is an innovative, social management consultancy that aims to create equal opportunities and make society barrier-free from within the economy. For the Frankfurt site, CA Immo has started the cooperation as a pilot project to give students with disabilities insights into different specialist departments at the Frankfurt site.



The health of our workforce is important to us. CA Immo supports a range of corporate health initiatives with a view to ensuring the physical and mental well-being of staff. 

We run a wide selection of internal events and seminars designed to promote mental fitness and performance (Fit2Work, Cool Down Not Burn Out, flexibility, nutrition advice and time management). Depending on the location, we also enter into cooperation agreements with company doctors and health centres for free health checks and various vaccination programmes.

In addition, the company recently started providing bicycles for staff at some sites: these are proving popular for short trips to visit clients or attend lunch appointments.


Depending on the circumstances of their location, we offer our staff members flexible working time models. The aim is to make sure available working time is deployed efficiently according to the needs of customers while taking account of the employer’s duty of care and upholding the autonomy of individual employees in responsibly utilising flexible working hours.


With the right technical infrastructure in place, it is also possible for staff to work remotely via home office. Provided the job function allows, this is a popular benefit. The type of home office solutions and the scope of use is individually determined between employees and their managers.


We understand you heard about a vacant position from one of our employees, and you are considering a change of job? We are always happy when our employees recommend us to others as a good place to work, so we reward every successful appointment by paying a bonus to the staff member who passes on our details.



We wan to promote and encourage the flexibility of our employees in terms of their place of residence and work. If a change of residence is required - due to a job offer by CA Immo - and desired by the employee, he/she will receive financial support in the form of relocation costs in the amount of up to € 2,550.


We organise annual team events for employees at all sites; localised events may include staff outings, summer festivals, participation in team sports (including the Business Run), St. Nicholas celebrations (with partners and children), Christmas parties and skiing trips. 



  • Ecofriendly Travel
     An important aspect of a comfortable and stress-free daily working routine is a safe as well as uncomplicated journey to and from the workplace. Accordingly, we offer our employees different options to travel to work in an eco-friendly and convenient manner. This includes the excellent accessibility of public transport from our offices as well as the provision of a subsidy for the use of public transit (job ticket). Additionally, CA Immo provides its staff with pool cars and in cases e-cars for collective use as company vehicles. When covering shorter distances e.g. for customer or lunchtime appointments, employees also can take advantage of the company bicycles which are available free of charge
  • Paperless offices and waste separation
    In everyday working life, we make sure that through the use of numerous smart and electronically supported office instruments, we avoid material-intensive working methods. In addition, proper waste separation is a high priority in our modern offices. As a result, the necessary facilities for waste separation are easily accessible in our office buildings. Furthermore, the steadily progressing digitization and the expansion of our paperless working methods will permanently promote resource-saving and flexible working.
  • Water dispensers
    In conjunction with the functional and efficient use of resources, also measures to prevent waste play a decisive role in our daily office routine. For that reason, we do not supply our employees at CA Immo with drinks from environmentally harmful plastic bottles, but instead resort to more eco-friendly glass bottles and increasingly provide water dispensers with reusable water carafes.
  • Social sustainability
    Concerning the responsible corporate management of our company, not only environmental and economic aspects need to be taken into consideration, but also our social commitment towards our workforce. For this reason, we support our employees in the best possible way in order to reconcile family and professional commitments and offer employees numerous support measures in this regard. Additional information concerning this matter is provided under the point "Family-friendly environment".



CA Immo helps employees to reconcile family and professional commitments, taking account of family considerations and facilitating individual working patterns, home office arrangements and extended leave periods, so that we can create a flexible and family-friendly working environment. Flexible models accommodate the scheduling considerations of particular sites and make for the harmonious co-existence of job and family. 



All CA Immo employees are covered by a group accident insurance policy, even in their leisure time.



All CA Immo employees are also covered by private health insurance for business trips abroad.



Promoting and maintaining the health of our employees is our top priority. Consequently, among other things, workshops or counseling events take place, which are intended to benefit the physical as well as the mental well-being of our employees and to help them manage their everyday professional lives optimally. Our diverse range of topics include workshops on stress management and relaxation as well as burnout prevention, trainings on nutrition, first aid and office ergonomics.

Within the framework of workplace health promotion, we now also offer our employees an external platform for employee and management advisory services. This is available to all employees online or by telephone at any time (24 hours/7 days a week). Whether it is life coaching ( advisory services for private and business issues) or various specialist lectures - our aim is to provide support at an early stage for the growing challenges in work and private life with this offer.



Finding individual and appropriate solutions is essential, especially in crisis situations. In cases when such events occur, our company offers psychological counseling, which supports our employees in dealing with both their professional as well as their personal concerns.



At some sites we offer payments into a pension fund, with employees able to save additional contributions.


  • Subsidy for public transport (job ticket)
  • Company parking space
  • Excellent transport links at all sites
  • Internet access (fair use)
  • Luncheon vouchers


*offer varies due to location