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1030 Vienna, Mechelgasse 1
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FN 75895 k, Companies Register, Vienna commercial court
VAT no.: ATU 37444404, DVR 1003143

Member of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Professional Association of Garage, Gas Station and Service Station Companies
Applicable legal regulations: Gewerbeordnung 1994:

Competent regulatory authority

Financial Market Authority

Disclosure in accordance with §25 of the Austrian Media Act:

Media owner and publisher:
CA Immobilien Anlagen Aktiengesellschaft
A-1030 Vienna, Mechelgasse 1

Purpose of the company

Acquisition and sale of properties and real estate investments, leasing, property management and administration of own real estate, project development of own real estate and project development for third parties by authorised Group companies.


The services listed on the website are provided by authorized subsidiaries of the CA Immo Group, while CA Immobilien Anlagen Aktiengesellschaft - with the exception of the garage business - provides exclusively intra-group services.

Management Board

Keegan Viscius (CEO)
Andreas Schillhofer (CFO)

Supervisory Board 

Torsten Hollstein (Chairman)
David Smith (1st Deputy of the Chairman)
Jeffrey Gordon Dishner (2nd Deputy of the Chairman)
Sarah Broughton

Representatives from the works council:

Sebastian Obermair
Georg Edinger

Share holder structure

Fundamental aims of content

  • To present CA Immo
  • To provide company-related information for CA Immo shareholders, investors and other interested persons

Note on gender usage

We would like to explicitly state that use of the masculine form also refers to the feminine form in all content of this web site. Only one gender is used for reasons of legibility.


All content of this web site is protected by copyright and may not be copied, distributed, modified or made available to third parties without the advance consent of the rights holder.


This web site was designed for advertising purposes. The content of the site is intended solely to provide information. In accordance with Austrian and foreign capital market laws, the content does not constitute an offer nor a recommendation to buy or sell. No actual investment should be entered into without proper consultation.

In its research activities, the CA Immo Group has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information published on the web site and supplied by SMS, and exercised every care in its selection of information sources. Despite this, the CA Immo Group cannot accept any liability for the correctness, completeness, up-to-dateness or long-term availability of the information and sources presented.

All information published on the web site (and in particular analyses of markets, share prices and companies as well as forecasts) is based on current levels of knowledge and/or market assessments undertaken at the appropriate times stated. In the compilation of company analyses, some information may also have been derived from sources linked to the company in question. Any liability for the correctness, completeness or up-to-dateness of the information presented, and for any forecasts that may subsequently be published, is expressly excluded.

The web site contains links to other Internet sites over whose content the provider of this site has no influence. For this reason, no liability is accepted for such content.

The web site contains a number of future-oriented statements and forecasts, as well as opinions and market assessments. In no way does this information constitute a guarantee or an assurance of future developments. These statements relate to actual events and fiscal trends which, alongside other determining factors, could influence the future earnings and financial position of the CA Immo Group. Such statements and indications are subject to risks and other imponderables for which no liability can be accepted, since these can cause actual events, transactions, performance, business strategies and financial developments to deviate significantly from the statements and indications presented.

Provisions applicable in some countries or restrictions imposed by capital market or stock market supervisory authorities in those countries mean that some of the information published on the web site is not intended for private individuals. In order to ensure compliance with local access restrictions of this nature, the CA Immo Group reserves the right, as it deems appropriate, to institute technical measures in relation to those sections of the web site (or relevant information included thereon) which are subject to such restrictions. The passing of information on the site which is subject to national access restrictions of this kind to those persons to whom these restrictions apply may contravene regulations on securities or other laws in the respective country.

Any liability of CA Immobilien Anlagen AG for non- ompliance by third parties is expressly excluded.



Data protection

Data protection is an important issue to the CA Immo Group, and compliance with the relevant legal provisions is a matter of course. Personal data disclosed in registrations to our newsletter, for example, is treated in strict confidence and will not be passed to third parties. 

Further information on data protection can be found here.

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