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We are looking for people who are thinking outside the box, show strong commitment and who enjoy working in an international team. During application and selection process we are looking for balance between men and women. Therefore, a fair, anti-discriminatory application and selection process with equal opportunities is very important to us. For that reason we pay attention to balanced ratio regarding the gender, heritage, age, nationality, physical and mental disabilities, religion and sexual orientation of our employees and also gladly accept anonymized applications. 

Current Vacancies

Application tips


We are always pleased to hear from applicants with

  • a fascination for real estate
  • knowledge of our company
  • a clear idea of their future role
  • strong motivation, interest in and passion for the work we do

Recruiting Process

In order to ensure a fair and swift selection process for all our applicants, we review each application carefully.

1. Application Documents: 
In a first step, our HR team will therefore review your application documents and compare your skills and competences with the requirements and tasks of our vacant position. 

2. Initial Interview:

If these match, we will invite you to an initial interview to get to know you and your skills, motivations and experiences better. The interview, which is currently conducted mainly digitally, also provides an opportunity to discuss mutual expectations and clarify open questions. 

3. Knowledge Check:

Depending on the job requirements and the respective position, an initial interview with HR may be followed by a knowledge check in the form of an Excel test, a case study or an assessment centre.

4. Final Interview:

The ultimate step in the selection process is a final interview with your future manager and your potential team members. The purpose of this interview is to give everyone the opportunity to get a feel for each other and to assess whether our candidate's working practices and values fit with CA Immo's corporate culture. Are you currently preparing for your job interview? Personal tips from our HR team for a successful job interview can be found here. We wish you great success! 


  • Stay authentic and open-minded in the application process, because we will certainly like you best as the person you are.
  • Practice your self-presentation and express your skills and strengths confidently. However, also think about your personal learning fields and stand by them.
  • Think about some open questions in preparation (for the job interview) to express your interest in the position and the company. Ask your manager for example What is important to him/her personally when working together or Which goals should be achieved in the first year of your cooperation. Feel free to also refer to CA Immo's current projects or ask questions about the corporate culture and structure, what development opportunities are available within the company and which departments you will most frequently work with in your position.  
  • Highlight your qualifications by linking them to specific examples from your professional career.



  • Sadaf Javidan: Asking specific and company-related questions in the interview particularly distinguishes applicants in the candidate pool. Therefore, prepare specific questions in advance and demonstrate that you have prepared yourself for the interview.
  • Sabine Schulmeister: Application documents that show a wealth of ideas and stand out from the crowd, as well as a personal, authentic meeting on a partnership level are the prelude to a successful cooperation. In addition to professional and personal qualifications, an honest interest in the company and the job is sometimes the most convincing argument.
  • Tanja Spezzano-Hoffmann: We are always on the lookout for entrepreneurially-minded applicants who would like to join our company. For this reason, motivation and its expression in the application plays a particularly important role for me.
  • Nina Samitsch: I personally pay close attention to the completeness and individuality of the application documents. Applicants can stand out by addressing specific requirements from the job advertisement and individually incorporating them into their application documents.
  • Katharina Wild-Pelikan: In addition to a candidate's professional qualifications, the cultural fit and the personality of the applicant are also extremely relevant for us when it comes to filling an open position. The motivation to be involved in the company and thus, to contribute to the further development of the organization together is a basic attitude that we like to see from all employees.

Onboarding Process

Welcome at CA Immo! 

Getting started in a new company, a new environment and a new team is not always easy - especially in the current climate where personal contact is often not possible. With our structured onboarding process, we want to support you in your first days at CA Immo and ensure that you will feel part of the team straight away. 

Before your first day at work: In the run-up to your first day at work, our HR team will be in close contact with you to provide you with all the necessary information for a successful start and to ensure that everything is optimally prepared for your arrival. Traditionally, we ask you to fill out a "That's Me Sheet" before you officially join us, which we use to introduce you internally to your colleagues as a new member of CA Immo. 

Your first day at work: On your first day at work, we welcome you at the respective location. Here you will be greeted by HR with a small welcome gift. As soon as all formalities have been settled, we will take you to your department, where your manager, your team, a fully equipped workplace and your welcome folder with all the important information about everyday working life at CA Immo will already be waiting for you. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to meet colleagues from other departments and get to know our coffee machine, printer and other office gadgets.

What happens next: After a sometimes overwhelming first day, we hope that over time you will feel at home at CA Immo. To help you achieve this, we organise a Welcome Day twice a year, where we invite our new colleagues to get to know each other and exchange experiences across departments and locations.