Ordinary General Meeting

Shareholders’ Meetings shall be held at the Company’s registered office or at one of its domestic branch offices or in an Austrian provincial capital. The Annual General Meeting is called by public announcement, with notice of 28 days (Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings: 21 days). Attendance of the Meeting is subject to the delivery of a deposit confirmation. Deposit receipts shall be accepted exclusively in German or English. Further details will be provided in the Invitation.
The Meeting resolves on the distribution of profits, elects the Supervisory Board, appoints the auditors and determines the compensation of the Supervisory Board. A proxy voting service is offered. The sample proxies can be found under the respective Annual General Meeting menu item. 

Important current focus issues are posted on the website in the form of Q & A ahead of the Annual General Meeting. The annual financial statements and the consolidated financial statements will be made available in the official gazette "Wiener Zeitung" after their approval by the Supervisory Board.

Shareholder Rights 

The 106,496,426 ordinary shares of CA Immobilien Anlagen Aktiengesellschaft were structured according to the "one share - one vote" principle. With a stake of around 60% of the share capital (including the four registered shares), SOF-11 Klimt CAI S.à. r.l., Luxembourg, a company managed by Starwood Capital Group, is the Company's largest shareholder. The remaining approximately 40% of the shares are in free float. The registered shares confer the right of nominating up to four Supervisory Board members. Transfer of registered shares requires the approval of the company. There are no preference shares or restrictions on ordinary shares of the company.

Any shareholder can put a countermotion to the Annual General Meeting. Shareholders with 5% holdings can require the calling of a shareholders’ meeting and the announcement of the resolutions thereto. CA Immo announces all financial information simultaneously. Regular conference calls and similar briefings are held for analysts and investors. The presentation documents used are posted on the Company’s website under Investor Relations, and are thus available to all users.