Mission Statement & Values

Our objective is for satisfied businesses to shape and manage their working environments in partnership with CA Immo. We oversee a portfolio unsurpassed in Central Europe and offer sustained returns to investors and shareholders in our company. We are known on the market as a highly dependable and active partner to companies seeking premises, equity and outside capital providers, our own employees, local authorities and the general public.

Corporate Values

  • Expertise: We understand our business and maintain a local presence on our markets. To our local branch offices
  • Quality: We aim to build high quality, forward-looking office properties that provide ideal working environments for the long term – and we set benchmarks for others to follow. To our Portfolio
  • Sustainability: Joined-up thinking means planning customer relations and value creation for the long haul. To the Sustainability & CSR section
  • Integrity: Our partners have placed their trust in us for more than 30 years. Day by day, we consider ourselves duty bound to repay that trust. To the Corporate Governance section