Long-term value creation in balance with the environment and society.

Tomorrow Proof by CA Immo

As a responsible player in the European real estate sector, we want to make an active contribution to achieving the climate and environmental targets defined by the European Union and the general transition to a sustainable economy. In order to meet the associated requirements in the best possible way and to position CA Immo for the future in all respects, we anchor corresponding measures, processes and objectives in the ESG context (Environmental, Social, Governance) in our strategic positioning.

For many years, we have been developing and managing high-quality office properties in balance with the environment, the needs of the people who use these buildings, and the local communities of the cities in which we operate. Under the "Tomorrow Proof by CA Immo" seal, we have been working intensively for several years to prepare ourselves in concrete terms for the new requirements and framework conditions that climate change, among other things, will bring.

Our commitment to sustainability is multifaceted and permeates our entire range of activities. The Agenda for Sustainable Business Operations summarizes all current material corporate objectives, principles and measures of our six most relevant ESG focus areas:

CA Immo focus areas

We want to contribute to keeping global warming below 2° Celsius. Therefore, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing the energy consumption and CO2 footprint in the construction and operation of our buildings and increasing the resilience of our portfolio to climate risks. By raising awareness among our tenants, employees and suppliers, we aim to promote climate and environmentally friendly behaviour within our sphere of influence.

Targets & Principles

  • Reduction of average CO2 emissions in building operation (avoid avoidable emissions, compensate for unavoidable emissions)
  • Reduction of energy consumption of the investment portfolio (reduce avoidable emissions)
  • Increase the climate resilience of the portfolio


  • 100% electricity from renewable energy sources in the existing portfolio by 2023 (purchased from the landlord)
  • Development of a green lease strategy to increase the share of renewable electricity (purchased from the tenants) in the investment portfolio
  • Digital measurement of energy key figures for 100% of the multi-tenant office portfolio by 2025
  • Active energy management and energy optimisation of the investment portfolio
  • Development of all new office and hotel buildings according to at least DGNB Gold or LEED Gold certification standard
  • Definition of a Group-wide standard for sustainable project development based on tenant needs and the EU Taxonomy Regulation

We develop office and hotel properties exclusively according to high sustainability standards. We ensure compliance with the associated requirements for sustainable procurement in the supply chain through a wide range of environmental and social requirements for contractors and suppliers.

Targets & Principles

  • Social and environmental requirements in CA Immo Procurement Directive


  • Obligation of all construction service providers to comply with the sustainability standards according to DGNB Gold or LEED Gold (e.g. material declaration, worker protection

We take initiatives that lead to reduced resource consumption, the reuse and recycling of materials and waste in the construction, operation and refurbishment of buildings.

Targets & Principles

  • Increase the share of recycled/recyclable waste
  • Reduction of water consumption


  • Implementation of an active waste management system and water consumption monitoring in building operations
  • Green lease contracts for optimisation of waste separation

We specialise in the environmentally friendly revitalisation of old inner-city sites (brownfield development). In doing so, we pay attention to the protection of biodiversity and create mixed-use urban neighbourhoods with sustainable infrastructure and a high quality of life that are attractive, inclusive and accessible.

Targets & Principles

  • Clear focus on brownfield developments (revitalisation of old sites)


  • 100% of all buildings currently developed by CA Immo are brownfield developments
  • Continuation of the strategic focus on revitalisation of old sites
  • Development of all new office and hotel buildings according to at least DGNB Gold or LEED Gold certification standard

CA Immo wants to make an active contribution to a sustainable economy with integrity within its sphere of influence. This commitment requires the involvement of many, both our own employees and external partners. Through targeted information and clear standards and guidelines, we aim to raise awareness among our employees and contractors of the issues we consider relevant and to encourage or oblige them to support our principles and initiatives. All information on corporate governance, compliance, anti-corruption, human rights and how we anchor and manage ESG organizationally can be found in the Corporate Governance section and our Corporate Governance Report.

Safe and health-promoting working conditions for occupiers and external service providers, both in ongoing building operations and in the course of construction projects, are a basic prerequisite for our corporate success. CA Immo stands for strict compliance with all legal requirements in the area of health and safety. Our aim is to prevent accidents resulting in sick leave in or around our buildings, in our own offices and on construction sites. In addition, our activities focus on maintaining the long-term performance and well-being at work of all occupiers.

Sustainable project development
office space with sustainability certification has been completed by CA Immo 2020 and transferred to the investment portfolio.
Employee satisfaction
Satisfaction rate according to the Great Place to Work survey
Conversion to green energy
annual savings in CO2 emissions from 2023 onwards by converting building operations to green electricity and gas.
Certified office portfolio
of the existing portfolio are certified to DGNB, LEED or BREEAM standards as of December 31, 2020.