Katarina Heger

Katarina Kreihsl -Head of ESG Group Reporting

Katarina Kreihsl Portrait

You are currently Head of ESG Group Reporting at CA Immo. What excites you about this area of activity?

The ESG field brings something very positive and visionary as it aims for a better future. However, it is also important to complement this optimistic approach with a realistic attitude in order to work constructively on the development of this area within a company. This is something I particularly appreciate about my job.

At CA Immo, as well as in many other companies, this area of responsibility serves as an interface with various other departments. As a result, I gain insights into different areas of the company and collaborate with many people. This aspect inspires and motivates me every day.  

What tasks are you responsible for at CA Immo?

My responsibilities include the coordination, bundling and strategic alignment of ESG issues and activities within the Group. In my role, I am responsible for ESG reporting both externally and internally. Specifically, this means that I prepare a comprehensive sustainability report that communicates our sustainability performance and goals in a transparent and appealing way for external stakeholders. In addition, I prepare our company for new regulatory requirements in the ESG area. My area of responsibility also includes ESG management, which involves the implementation of processes, structures and systems, to name just a few of the most important activities.

"Tomorrow Proof by CA Immo" - what does this seal stand for?

"Tomorrow Proof by CA Immo" is our Group-wide initiative to define, manage and implement strategic sustainability activities. For me personally, it means setting sustainability initiatives and aligning our business activities to create long-term value that drives a shift in thinking and positive change.

What do you appreciate about CA Immo as an employer?

As an employer, CA Immo allows me to work on my own initiative. This openness to new projects, initiatives and activities in the company is of particular importance for my area of activity. I enjoy working with people, because they make up the company. Working with my colleagues at CA Immo is characterized by trust, constructive discussions, new ideas and also a lot of fun. Three other aspects that I also value highly at CA Immo are flexibility and opportunities for further training and development. Overall, I'm glad to work for a company like CA Immo that promotes such values and opportunities.