Alina Syrkina

Senior Analyst

What do you particularly enjoy about your job at CA Immo?

I really appreciate a great degree of autonomy and freedom within my job, ability to innovate and implement process-improvement ideas. My job can be sometimes quite challenging, but it pushes me to full potential. In addition, I enjoy working with my colleagues who are passionate about their job and always look for creative ways to solve problems. This is very encouraging!     


What are the advantages of working in such an international team? What are the challenges?

I embrace diversity in the workplace. It is an enriching experience to work with people from various professional and cultural backgrounds, so we can all learn from each another. My team members are located in different countries and unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions we were not able to meet face to face so far. I hope that very soon we will have such opportunity.


You built up the international analyst team together with the asset management team. What was the most important experience?

We started building the analyst team at the beginning of last year. We overcame many challenges since we had to change many processes but I believe our efforts already paid off and we can already see the results of the numerous strategic initiatives, which were implemented during this time.