Dora Kelecsenyi

Leasing and Marketing Manager

What do you particularly appreciate about (the work of) CA Immo?

I have been working at CA Immo for more than 5 years as a senior leasing manager, doing many marketing issues as well, and I still feel very happy every day to be part of this international community.

I see a very convergent company with employees full of motivation and curiosity from my very first day, where everyone can learn from each other, which helps to develop a really strong team. I am happy to experience that the management also puts all the effort not just to hear, but to listen to the colleagues and welcomes new ideas and aspirations for change.

What do you find most exciting about being a leasing manager?

I think this is the time to confess, that I didn’t want to be a leasing manager - my career path lead me from a general assistant to a shopping center manager, when I first experienced that joyful feeling which completely caught me after my first signed lease agreement – and I am happy to say that closing a deal still gives me the same energy as it did in the past 10 years.

Being a leasing manager is always more than a sales job, it is definitely not just about talking to people, but more importantly hearing what's behind their words. It is often not easy to gain the potential tenant’s trust, but when they see that you will be a partner during the whole contracting procedure, they always reward you with their loyalty. A clear proof of this is when I meet those with whom I negotiated the contract and they tell me how happy they are with our office buildings, and how satisfied they are with CA Immo’s work. 

Furthermore, I am responsible for marketing in Hungary, so with my creativity and that of my colleagues, I can always offer highly successful innovations for existing and future tenants.

Over the years, you have taken on a larger responsibility over more assets. What do you find most challenging about your current job scope?

Although we are all experiencing difficult times that are sometimes hard to adapt to, I truly believe in our assets in Hungary and the dreams we sell everyday. I know this may sound unbelievable, but if you have a great team around you, you get through the hardest times easily – and the Hungarian team matches that.