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Deputy Head of Tax and Accounting HU

What is the daily business as Deputy Head of Tax & Accounting in the real estate sector? At what stages is it challenging and how do you deal with it?

I really enjoy working as Deputy Head of Tax and Accounting. My daily business is a combination of various tasks, which are never the same and I always have to face new challenges. Like I always say, my work requires me being a senior accountant as well as a chief accountant, because I am responsible for the bookkeeping, tax returns and the quarterly reporting of certain CA Immo companies. I also have managerial responsibilities, representation and coordination tasks, which I find quite exciting and fulfilling.

How do you describe your career from the time you started at CA Immo in 2015 until today?

My experience at CA Immo has been very satisfying and challenging. I feel that I am given the opportunity to prove myself and achieve my goals that I set for myself in my career.

Since my first day at CA Immo I went from being a junior accountant to be promoted to Deputy Head of Tax and Accounting. During these years I met and worked with many highly qualified and experienced team members who were always very supportive. I learned a lot and became the member of a ‘family-like’ team. As I gained more experience I was also given more complex tasks which helps me to improve myself. I am continuously facing new challenges in my work on a daily basis, which I believe is very important if one would like to become professional in their field and acquire expertise.

You are in regular contact with CA Immo in Vienna. How do you feel about the cooperation?

It is great to work in an international team where you can get to know people from different cultural backgrounds. I am in regular contact with the Group Accounting colleagues in Vienna and I believe we managed to achieve a productive and efficient cooperation. We always get professional support from them as needed, mainly in the field of the IFRS standards and group reporting issues. With their input we can prepare a high-quality reporting package and financial closing.

What should people know if they want to work as an accountant in the real estate sector?

To be an accountant always requires analytical thinking. Naturally, you must have a passion to work with numbers and to be fond of preparing complex calculations.  It is also necessary to have a clear understanding of how the details come together in a reporting package to show the ‘big picture’ of the companies’ and the group’s financial results.
Furthermore in the real estate sector we also have to pay close attention to the needs of our tenants as there are always new, market driven ideas and requests that need to be fulfilled accordingly and in a timely matter. In such situations not only the Asset Manager, or Technical Asset Manager departments have to answer these needs but working as an accountant you also need to step in and provide the correct back up that supports the decision making process. It is always a challenge to find the solution to these sudden changes from a taxation and accounting perspective!