Daniel Schuler

Investment Manager

Daniel Schuler, Investment Manager CAI

What do you particularly appreciate about (the work of) CA Immo?

What I value most about CA Immo is the interdisciplinarity and the collegial interaction. This extends not only to internal departmental projects, but also to interdepartmental cooperation. Through my work in the investment management, there are many points of contact with other departments and branches, which I find very valuable and satisfying.

One of the main reasons I chose CA Immo was its compelling portfolio of high-quality portfolio properties and cityscape-defining project developments in the top 7 cities in Germany. In addition, CA Immo is known as a renowned portfolio and project developer in Germany.

Through acquisitions and disposals, we can have a decisive influence on how the company is perceived on the market and significantly enhance its reputation.

In view of the corporate strategy and the development pipeline, further highly interesting projects will be acquired or realised in the coming years that will leave a lasting mark on inner-city locations. Being part of this is particularly exciting.


What are the special challenges in the role of an investment manager?

An investment manager has a very broad field of activity. In addition to a comprehensive understanding of profitability analysis and other faculties, some of which are specific to real estate, such as project development or (technical) asset management, legal and tax knowledge is also essential. In transaction processes, the investment manager usually takes on a project management role and must involve the respective specialist departments in the transaction process in the respective process. Along with this task, the investment manager must also have a good understanding of teamwork and integrate himself as a team member.

Furthermore, representative tasks are of course also part of the further scope of duties. For example, it is essential that CA Immo is perceived positively by market participants in order to be taken into account in off-market transactions or to prevail in tight sales decisions.


What qualities do you need to be an investment management employee?

In addition to a high level of analytical and real estate-specific understanding, I think the ability to work in a team, open-mindedness, ambition and interest in other specialist areas, as well as a comprehensive network in the real estate sector, are essential.