Albin Wimmer

Deputy Head of Legal AT, CEE

​​​​​What do you particularly enjoy about your job at CA Immo?
What I particularly appreciate about my job here at CA Immo – in addition to the exciting challenges in the real estate sector – are the flexible working hours and the resulting compatibility with my family life. The good collaboration and division of work with my colleagues enables a healthy work-life balance even in stressful phases.

How has you position at CA Immo developed since you started?
I started my career as a lawyer at CA Immo in 2015. Step by step I was able to take on more responsibility, for example the legal support of the company in construction projects. For three years, I have been Corporate Legal Counsel and Deputy Head of Legal AT CEE.

What do you enjoy most about your daily work?
What I enjoy most is the interdisciplinary cooperation with my colleagues from different departments and countries. Through our close cooperation, we quickly get to know and appreciate all kinds of different characters and consequently learn a lot from each other. It also motivates me to be able to represent a strong real estate company.

Which project was particularly close to your heart?
One matter close to my heart was certainly the supervision from a legal point of view of our project developments on Erdberger Lände, including the ViE. With the realization of a new office building as well as several residential buildings, the next building block was set in the development of the Lände 3 quarter in Vienna. I was also able to accompany the project development of two office buildings in Prague, Mississippi House and Missouri Park from a legal perspective. It is great to know to be part of the value creation of a high quality building in a certain way.