Laura Bakemeier

Project Manager

What do you particularly appreciate about your job at CA Immo?

I particularly appreciate the fact that we are involved in the entire process of creating a building. From project development, to realization, to later commissioning, we accompany the complete creation process. 


Tell us about your background - how did you become interested in construction?

I have always had an affinity for crafts and especially for the construction industry. Craft is strongly represented in my family. My father is a civil engineer, so perhaps my interest was ingrained in me, or instilled in me. Any other vocational training was at least not an option for me after school, I was convinced of that. I enjoy being able to accompany the process of creating buildings, especially when the construction phase finally begins after the planning phase. But the greatest reward for me is to finish a building and know that I had a hand in it.


What do you think you need to bring to the job?

A project consists of a variety of project participants and personalities. Therefore, above all, there must be an interest in working with people and an understanding that a successful construction project can only be accomplished as and in a team.  In addition, a certain degree of stress resistance and stamina is required for this area of responsibility, as deadline pressure and a great deal of dynamism are part of everyday life. A healthy degree of self-confidence and not shying away from complex tasks are essential. 


How do you manage to combine family and career, and what supportive role does the employer play in this?

With a daycare center and, of course, family support, we manage our day-to-day life as a family very well. I was and am actively supported by my employer through flexible working time models for re-entry and the possibility of working remotely. After two years of part-time work, I even increased my hours back to full-time in consultation with my employer and I am amazed at how well it works.

It is remarkable that there is an understanding throughout the company that children bring special responsibilities. I have never been given the feeling that I cannot fulfill my tasks. It is the opposite: I receive encouragement and support.