Maria Loeffler

HR Controller

You started working for CA Immo in 2015 as an executive assistant and have been responsible for controlling in the HR department since 2017. How would you describe your career at CA Immo?

After turning my back on the hotel industry, I started working at CA Immo in January 2015 as an executive assistant to the CFO at that time. In addition, supporting the HR department, especially in collecting employee data for the CEE countries, was part of my job. In mid-2016, I got my first daughter, after which I took a break during which I was able to enjoy my family life to the fullest. After my maternity leave return in November 2017, I continued my career in the HR department and have been working as HR controller since then. Together with the HR management, I started to build up the HR controlling of CA Immo. We implemented tools to collect and analyze data, reviewed current and developed new processes. I also took over the controlling of some major HR processes in the Group, among other things.

Which activities do you find particularly exciting, what do you like about them?

HR controlling and the associated HR risk management are a part of the overall HR management of our Group and thus we make an important contribution to the achievement of HR goals and subsequently to the fulfillment of corporate objectives. I am proud to be able to actively make a value contribution here. What I enjoy most are those forms of analysis that are linked to key corporate figures, from which we derive future strategies. I also enjoy the continuous development and optimization of processes and the implementation of new tools. In addition, we are constantly improving ESG reporting regarding HR aspects, an area that I find particularly important. The main question we must ask ourselves repeatedly is how we want to shape the environment in which our employees work, to remain a top employer. I would also like to mention my colleagues – I am working in a great team, with co-workers who enrich me and with whom it is simply fun to work together. Every day at CA Immo is a new opportunity for me to grow in my professionalism and I am very grateful for that.

How do you manage to combine your job and your family life? To what extent does CA Immo support you in this?

I have only recently returned from my second maternity leave and am currently working part-time. Flexible working hours and autonomous time management make it a lot easier for me to balance work and family life. This means I can pick up the kids earlier and continue working later, which I really appreciate. Even though I enjoy being in the office and consider the personal exchange with my colleagues to be very valuable, an essential point for me is having the opportunity to work from home. This not only saves me the commute, but also allows me to get back to family life more quickly.