Katalin Csépainé Makkos

Katalin Csépainé Makkos - Office Manager

As office manager, you have a wide range of tasks. What are your main tasks?

I enjoy the variety that comes with the job of office manager. In addition to my role as office manager, I am also the assistant to our managing director.This includes various organizational tasks, such as managing his schedule, coordinating meetings and appointments, and overseeing day-to-day office operations. I am also responsible for organizing team-building events and ensuring that the office runs smoothly. In addition, I am also involved in the GDPR and provide administrative support for HR-related tasks, such as organizing job interviews, assisting with team members joining and leaving the company, and maintaining contacts with external partners. These aspects of GDPR and HR were new to me and I am glad to have the opportunity to familiarize myself with these topics and to participate in their handling.

How do you reconcile work and private life? What challenges do you face?

After my maternity leave, I was faced with the task of organizing my children's everyday life. I was looking for a professional position that would ensure flexibility in order to achieve a work-life balance. During my interview at CA Immo, I was offered the opportunity to work part-time, which I gratefully accepted. The possibility to work from home makes it easier for me to organize my family life. At the same time, I appreciate the presence in the office and the personal exchange with my colleagues. After a year, I spoke with my manager and together we decided to try a full-time position. I am confident that the flexibility to adjust my working hours as needed will still allow me to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which I appreciate.

What do you like most about your job?

As an avid learner, I especially appreciate the opportunity to expand my work experience through a variety of tasks. The variety in my work makes every day an exciting challenge. In addition, I enjoy taking on organizational tasks, whether it's supporting my colleagues or participating in successful team-building events. 

How is your work different from previous jobs? Why did you choose CA Immo as your employer?

My current job is different from my previous positions because of the variety of tasks. I believe that working at CA Immo offers the opportunity to grow professionally and I consider myself lucky that this has been the case. I am grateful for the support from my colleagues from the first day of my induction and learning process, and w working with them has helped me to develop my skills on a daily basis