Hedwig Höfler

Head of Investment Management AT & CEE

Hedwig Höfler Portrait

What do you particularly enjoy about your job at CA Immo?

I have already been working at CA Immo for 20 years. I still enjoy my job and am still learning new things. Every transaction is different, whether it is the buyers or the property, which bring new challenges.

Independent and very responsible work is important to me, which is certainly guaranteed in large real estate transactions. I especially enjoy getting in contact with many different people, especially with diverse nationalities and character traits. Since I have been active in the CEE region since the beginning of my professional career, this region has grown particularly close to my heart.


As Head of Investment Management, you certainly visit many properties all around CA Immo’s core market including CEE. How could you reconcile the many business trips with your family?

Indeed, we have to know the market very well in order to be able to make purchases or to know what we are selling.

As far as business trips are concerned, I am in very detailed coordination with my husband. When one travels, the other has the responsibility of managing the family. We also got support within the circle of friends, taking turns to take over the children and thus freeing up each other's travel days. In the meantime, due to the Corona pandemic, transactions take place almost exclusively online and I have hardly traveled at all.


Which project has been particularly close to your heart so far?

It is difficult for me to limit the answer to a single project. Some transactions are matters of the heart, often because of the great teamwork with colleagues.

However, the purchase of the Europe House office building in 2003 was particularly close to my heart. At that time, trips to Romania were rare and there was no local team. Due to the large volume, it was also very exciting to be present at the sale in Tower 185 in Frankfurt.