Paul Heider

Paul Heider - Leasing Manager

Paul Heider Portrait

You joined CA Immo in 2021 as a Leasing Manager. In your opinion, what makes a successful Leasing Manager?

A successful leasing manager knows his projects and properties very well in order to place them on the market in the best possible way. He has a large network that trusts in his competencies and knows that customers will be served by him in the best possible way. It is the task of the leasing manager to quickly identify the needs of the prospective tenants, so that he can offer them optimal solutions in the object. In project management, he works out these solutions together with the prospective tenants and the internal specialist departments, e.g. on planning, legal and construction requirements. With empathy and professional negotiation skills, he wins satisfied tenants for his projects and properties.

What is part of a Leasing Manager's job that most outside people don't know?

In addition to dealing with brokers and prospective tenants, a leasing manager is also in constant contact with internal departments such as Development, TAX, Controlling, Legal and Asset Management. Here, for example, it is important to check the specific requirements of prospective tenants or to keep abreast of all relevant new developments regarding the properties or the legal situation in order to be able to advise and act in the best possible way right from the start. It is also important to know the respective market and to be informed about vacancies, competing properties and rents. In addition, the activities of the Leasing Manager include organising events and creating marketing material such as films, brochures, etc. about the projects and properties.

Why did you choose Leasing Management?

In my opinion, the Leasing Management area offers both great variety in its tasks and insights into other companies, such as: What approach is used to define a new office concept? What changes does the company undertake after the pandemic? How does one face current challenges?

With the multitude of leasing processes, I always get to know new companies, perspectives and personalities. The exchange with people suits me and is fun.