Eva Ackermann

Deputy Head of Group Accounting

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What do you particularly appreciate about (the work of) CA Immo? 

My job is varied and I really enjoy it. Many departments are involved in the preparation and timely publication of the financial reports. I particularly appreciate the good teamwork and the exchange with other departments and countries. Even though the preparation of the annual financial statements is a challenging time, I am proud to hold the annual report in my hands at the end and to know that I worked on it.

What do you think you need to bring to the job?

A good understanding of numbers and technical know-how are important. I also think that accuracy, perseverance and empathy are important in the job. When preparing the consolidated financial statements, it is important to keep an eye for detail as well as for the big picture.

A constant willingness to learn is essential, as one of the requirements in accounting is to deal with new standards and reporting requirements (IFRS, ESEF, EU taxonomy).

You came from a consulting firm and took over an (in-house) accounting position at CA Immo: what was the biggest change for you?

In the consulting firm, my work was project-related and involved a lot of travelling. Unlike in the project business, I now have the opportunity to deal with the issues intensively over a longer period of time. A position in accounting is also associated with more predictability. However, working at CA Immo is never boring, as every degree is different and there are many exciting projects that I can get involved in.