Remuneration model and Director's Holdings

The commitment to sustainability that forms part of the company’s strategy is consistently applied to the CA Immo remuneration policy at all levels. Management Board remuneration comprises non-performance-related (basic salary, fringe benefits, pension plans) and performance-related elements. There are no stock option plans.

To promote strong identification with its objectives and ensure employees have a stake in the success of CA Immo, the company plans to introduce variable remuneration for all staff alongside fixed salaries. 

In line with the Articles of Association, remuneration for the Supervisory Board for the past business year is determined annually by the Ordinary General Meeting.

At CA Immo Group level, D&O manager liability insurance with coverage of € 50 m was taken out for the executive bodies (Management Board members, administrative authorities, supervisory bodies and senior executives) of the parent company and all subsidiary companies.

Persons discharging managerial responsibilities at CA Immo, as well as persons closely associated with them, shall notify CA Immo and the FMA of every transaction conducted on their own account relating to the shares or debt instruments of CA Immo or to derivatives or other financial instruments linked thereto (Managers‘ Transactions). Such notifications shall be made promptly and no later than three business days after the date of the transaction. The reporting obligation applies once the total amount of transactions has reached the threshold of € 5,000 within a calendar year.

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