Our values

As a real estate company, CA Immo understands that integrity, professionalism, transparency and fairness constitute the essential foundation of our dealings with stakeholders. For CA Immo, integrating corporate governance into everyday business dealings is of fundamental importance. We organize our business in such a way that we are able to comply with all applicable compliance standards. Above all, the CA Immo business model is based on the trust that we have earned from our stakeholders. 

Our goal is is to create lasting value with property, to generate sustainable benefits for our shareholders, tenants and end users and to use resources consciously and sparingly in all our activities. In line with this positioning, CA Immo is committed to the following basic values (‘Code of Ethics’), which are set out in our (`Code of Conduct´). These basic values are binding for our employees. CA Immo will not tolerate breaches of these basic values. Building on the defined basic values, objectives and standards, CA Immo has issued the following additional guidelines on individual topics, which regulate the day-to-day business behaviour of CA Immo employees and business partners.

  • Code of Conduct for Business Partners
  • Code of Ethics & Code of Conduct
  • Procurement Guideline
  • Guideline on gifts and donations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Guideline

Code of ethics

Code of Conduct for Business Partners
Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Guideline on gifts and donations
Procurement policy