Corporate Governace commitment

Compliance with legal provisions applicable in the CA Immo Group’s target markets is a high priority for the company. We organize our business in such a way that we are able to comply with all applicable compliance standards in our everyday business dealings. The Management Board and Supervisory Board are committed to observing the Austrian Corporate Governance Code and thus to transparency and uniform principles of good corporate management. The rules and recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code are implemented almost in full.

Ernst & Young Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft m. b. H. was mandated to evaluate the compliance with the Austrian Corporate Governance Code (para 1-83). The evaluation has been conducted on the basis of the questionnaire published by the Austrian Corporate Governance Working Group. In the course of the evaluation, no facts that are in conflict with the declaration made by the Management Board on compliance with the Austrian Corporate Governance Code discovered.

The Austrian Corporate Governance Codex may be viewed on the website of the Austrian Working Group for Corporate Governance at

Corporate Governance Report 2023