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This website and the following linked websites contain information with respect to an invitation (the “Invitation”) by CA Immobilien Anlagen Aktiengesellschaft (a stock corporation under the laws of Austria with its seat in Vienna and its business address at Mechelgasse 1, 1030 Vienna, Austria, registered with the commercial register of the commercial court of Vienna under FN 75895k, hereinafter the “Issuer” or “CA Immo”) to holders (each a “Bondholder”) of (i) the 2.75% CA Immo Bond 2015-2022, ISIN AT0000A1CB33, (ii) the 1.875% CA Immo Bond 2016-2021, ISIN AT0000A1LJH1, and (iii) the 2.75% CA Immo Bond 2016-2023, ISIN AT0000A1JVU3 (together, the “Bonds”) to make offers to the Issuer to repurchase Bonds for cash (each an “Offer”). The information on this website and the subsequent linked pages are only intended for Bondholders in Austria, Germany and such countries where the submission of an Offer is not prohibited. Bondholders who want to receive information with respect to the Bonds and/or the Invitation have to read the following conditions precisely and submit the confirmation.

This website and the information contained therein do not constitute an offer by CA Immo to repurchase Bonds or a solicitation to sell Bonds of CA Immo. The information contained on this website and the linked subsequent websites must not be distributed outside of Austria and Germany, in particular not in the United States of America (“USA”), to U.S. persons (pursuant to Regulation S of the U.S. Securities Act 1933, as amended from time to time, the “Securities Act”), in publications with general distribution in the USA, or to persons who are residents of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (“UK”), Italy, France, Belgium, Canada, Australia or Japan. Users of this website are requested to inform themselves regarding such limitations and to comply with these. Any non-compliance with these restrictions may represent a violation of securities regulations of such or other countries.

Except in accordance the applicable regulations, this Invitation or other documents related to this Invitation may not be published in, sent to, distributed in, disseminated in or made available outside of Austria and Germany. The Issuer assumes no liability whatsoever for breaches of the aforementioned provision.

The Invitation constitutes neither an offer to repurchase Bonds nor an invitation to offer to the Issuer Bonds for repurchase in or from any jurisdiction in which the making of such offer or invitation to make an offer or in which the making of such offer by or to certain persons is prohibited. The Invitation is particularly not issued, directly or indirectly, in the USA, its possessions or other areas under its jurisdiction, nor may it be accepted in or from the USA. Furthermore, the Invitation will not be issued directly or indirectly in the UK, Italy, France, Belgium, Canada, Australia or Japan, nor may it be accepted in or from the UK, Italy, France, Belgium, Canada, Australia or Japan.

Neither CA Immo nor Erste Group Bank AG, as Tender Agent and Dealer Manager, nor any of its officers, employees or affiliates, makes any recommendation (whatsoever) to accept the Invitation to make any Offer to repurchase any Bonds, except where expressly advised by any of the aforementioned persons. Therefore, each Bondholder is required to conduct its own investigations and assessments of the (economic and other) situation of the Issuer and to and consult its own financial, tax and legal advisors and to make this the basis of its own decision on the acceptance of the Invitation to submit Offers to repurchase Bonds.

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