CA Immobilien Anlagen AG: Shareholding notification according to section 93 para 2 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act

Vienna, 6.10.2014. In connection with the sale of the share in CA Immo held by UniCredit Bank Austria AG, UniCredit Bank Austria AG communicated the following to CA Immobilien Anlagen AG on 3 October 2014 in accordance with section 91 ff of the Stock Exchange Act:

UniCredit holds 15,954,887 no-par value shares (‘no-par shares’) and four (4) no-par value registered ordinary shares in the company numbered 001 to 004, securitised in collective certificate number ISIN AT0000641345 (‘registered shares’) (jointly the ‘transferred shares’), which together represent approximately 16.35 % of the capital stock, and thus the voting rights, of CA Immo.

UniCredit sold the transferred shares in O1 Group Limited, business address 5th Floor, 155 Proteas House, Arch. Makariou III, 3026 Limassol, Cyprus (‘O1’) in full through the share purchase agreement dated 2 October 2014. Upon closing, which remains subject to conditions precedent such as authorisation from the antitrust authorities, the voting rights thresholds of 4 %, 5 %, 10 % and 15 % will not be reached and the share of voting rights in UniCredit will amount to 0 % (0 voting rights).

Furthermore O1 Group Limited, Limassol, Cyprus (‘O1’), notified on 6 October 2014 on its own behalf and on behalf of the legal and natural persons referred to in the next paragraph in accordance with section 92a para 1 in connection with sections 91 et seq Austrian Stock Exchange Act in relation to CA Immobilien Anlagen Aktiengesellschaft, Vienna (the ‘Issuer’), and the Issuers’s shares admitted to trading on the Official Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange (ISIN AT0000641352) (the ‘Bearer Shares’), as follows:

O1 is an entity controlled by its 100% shareholder Velessa Investments Inc., British Virgin Islands, which in turn is controlled by its 100% shareholder Mallorn Limited, Cayman Islands. Mallorn Limited is controlled by MaplesFS Limited, Cayman Islands, which is the trustee for the Mints Family Trust, Cayman Islands (‘MFT’), which could be attributable to Mr Boris Mints, Russia, in accordance with section 92 Austrian Stock Exchange Act.

On 2 October 2014, O1 concluded a share purchase agreement on the acquisition of 15,954,887 existing Bearer Shares as well as 4 existing registered shares (ISIN AT0000641345) (the ‘Registered Shares’, and together with the Bearer Shares, the ‘Ordinary Shares’), which in the aggregate corresponds to approx. 16.35% of the Issuer’s share capital with voting rights. The acquisition is subject to conditions precedent (inter alia admissibility of the acquisition under Austrian merger control law).

Therefore, as of 2 October 2014, O1 acquired financial instruments according to section 91a para 1 Austrian Stock Exchange Act relating to an aggregate of 15,954,891 existing Ordinary Shares, which number corresponds to approx. 16.35% of the voting rights of the Issuer. Such financial instruments are attributable to Velessa Investments Inc., Mallorn Limited, MaplesFS Limited and MFT as well as potentially Mr Boris Mints according to section 92 Austrian Stock Exchange Act.

Therefore, O1 and the legal and natural persons mentioned above have reached and exceeded the thresholds of 4%, 5%, 10% and 15% in relation to financial instruments relating to Ordinary Shares of the Issuer as of 2 October 2014.


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