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Under development

Urban district with a strong identity

This new district of Regensburg borders the eastern part of the old town and forms a gateway to the Donau-Promenade. The direct link to the river, attractive location between the old town and Westhafen and stock of listed buildings produce unique opportunities for a quarter with a strong personality of its own. The area takes both its name and its identity from its riverside location: several spacious water areas are integrated into the neighbourhood on the Danube.

Marina Quartier embraces and effectively combines the diversity of structures and enterprises in the surrounding area – including commerce, harbour and residential usages. The site is already geared to private transport, with public transport stops incorporated too.

Gross floor space m²
  • Regensburg Marina Quartier
  • Regensburg Marina Quartier
  •  Regensburg Marina Quartier
  • Regensburg Marina Quartier from the outside
  • Regensburg Marina Quartier

A balanced blend, an architectural homage to Regensburg

The concept developed by the CA Immo Group envisages the development of a mixed-use neighbourhood with flats in attractive townhouses and condominiums. A total of 675 flats have been completed. Office space, cultural and social uses and local retail outlets have also been integrated. The Marina Quarter offers space for around 350 workplaces. Modern architecture and innovative spatial concepts provide efficient and flexible solutions for every need.

The architectural concept behind Marina Quartier creatively reinterprets elements of design from the historic old town of Regensburg. This absorbing synthesis incorporates styles from every era, including brick facades and Gründerzeit-period features; original cobblestones once again appear in squares and pathways.

The building construction work has largely been completed. The CA Immo Group was able to sell all building plots to local and national residential property developers and investors at an early stage. All buildings are characterised by a high standard of design, which was also ensured by a dedicated neighbourhood advisory board. CA Immo is currently working on the creation of an attractive youth play area facing the Danube.

Culture in the quarter

The cultural heart of the Marina Quartier is the listed Alte Schlachthof, the old slaughterhouse building. Aside from mixed uses courtesy of loft offices and apartments, Regensburg Tourismus GmbH holds meetings and conferences in the so called marinaForum; companies and other institutions will be able to organise receptions and presentations in an exceptionally atmospheric venue.

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