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Under development

Building Complex on the so-called Millennium Areal, Frankfurt

In a central location in Frankfurt am Main where Europaviertel and the banking district meet, CA Immo Group is planning a mixed-use building complex with two high-rise buildings and a perimeter block development. The concept foresees the construction of a 280 metre high tower (Tower A) for exclusively commercial use and an approximately 157 metre high residential tower (Tower B). At 280 metres, Tower A would currently be the tallest building in the European Union. This tower would also have a visitor platform open to the public. In developing the concept, CA Immo Group is pursuing the highest standards of both sustainable construction and sustainable operation of the building complex.


The architectural firm of Ferdinand Heide emerged as the winner of an international realisation competition at the end of 2021. His iconographic design for the building complex is now the basis for the further development of the approximately 8,700 m² site. Due to the complexity of the project, construction is not expected to begin before 2025/2026. The exact timetable will also depend on a number of factors, including the receipt of planning permission, the decision on the final mix of uses and a satisfactory market demand or pre-letting rate.


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