Publication of the offer document regarding the voluntary partial offer of O1 Group Limited

On 28 November 2014, O1 Group Limited (“O1”) issued a voluntary partial public offer for another 9,735,276 bearer shares (approx. 10% of the capital stock) to the shareholders of CA Immo. The offer price (i.e. the price paid by O1 to UniCredit) was € 18.50 per share. The term of acceptance closed on 6 February 2015.

The offer was accepted for a total of 40,790,659 bearer shares (approximately 41.28% of the total capital stock). Owing to oversubscription, declarations of acceptance could only be considered on a pro rata basis. The allocation quota stood at approximately 23.87%. Together with the shares acquired by UniCredit, O1 has thereby amassed a proportion of 26% of the outstanding share capital of CA Immo.

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