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Capital stock and shareholder structure

The company’s capital stock currently amounts to € 718,336,602.72, divided into four registered shares and 98,808,332 bearer shares each with a proportionate amount of the capital stock of € 7.27. The bearer shares trade on the prime market segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange (ISIN: AT0000641352). The registered shares are held by SOF-11 Klimt CAI S.à r.l., a company of Starwood Capital Group („Starwood“). With a shareholding of 26% Starwood is also the largest shareholder in CA Immo.

The remaining shares of CA Immo (approximately 74% of the capital stock) are in free float with both institutional and private investors. Known shareholders with a stake of more than 4% or 5% are published within the shareholding notifications. For more information on the organisation of shares and the rights of shareholders, please refer to the corporate governance report.