More efficient, sustainable and resource-conserving: the digitization of office buildings and their rental spaces

There is no alternative to the transition to a sustainable economy

CA Immo aims to offer tenants high-quality buildings in prime locations. Part of this quality standard is to develop sustainable and energy-efficient buildings, to keep them in the portfolio and to operate them in a way that conserves resources as much as possible. For this reason, the company was one of the founding members of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) in 2007 and has since been one of the first companies in Germany to certify almost all project developments according to this new green building standard. With the increasing requirements of both regulation and the market for efficient and energy-optimised operation and sustainability reporting by companies in the course of the European Green Deal, the digitalisation of office buildings is playing an increasingly important role. This applies equally to landlords and tenants.


cube berlin, Fotocredit: ©CA Immo/Adam Mørk

From model project to new CA Immo standard

The cube berlin was the first building to be developed by CA Immo as a so-called smart commercial building (completion in 2020). A pilot project to find out how office buildings can be operated more efficiently in the future by means of digitalization and thus conserve resources. The aim was to reduce the energy required to operate the building and to provide tenants with options for more efficient, but also more comfortable office operation. The goal was fully achieved with a reduction in energy demand of up to 25% and rewarded with a DGNB Platinum certification for the high sustainability standards. In addition, the cube berlin was awarded both a WiredScore and a SmartScore certificate, also in platinum.


Since then, CA Immo has also been applying the knowledge and experience gained in new project developments and - where possible and appropriate - also to a limited extent in existing buildings. Recent project developments include, for example, the ONE office and hotel tower in Frankfurt, the grasblau office building in Berlin (both scheduled for completion in 2022), and the Upbeat office tower in Berlin (scheduled for completion in 2025).

Data and facts in real time 

The digital heart of the digitization of CA Immo Smart Buildings is an IOT platform: This collects all the building's data and prepares it in a structured manner. By using the application in the cloud, a wide variety of evaluations can be carried out for the operation of the building. Thanks to the openness of the software interfaces of the IOT platform, the data can be transferred by the landlord to the tenant at the latter's request and used in app solutions.


Smart meters and an energy dashboard enable both landlords and tenants to monitor and analyze energy and water consumption in near real time and then use it for sustainability reporting. Coupled with a data platform and innovative visualization solution, tenants and landlords can derive how both buildings and the leased space can be operated and used more efficiently and sustainably.


The pre-installation of occupancy sensors (passive infrared sensors) as part of the standard lighting control system supports not only the sustainable operation of the building through presence-based system control, but also the possibility for tenants to carry out meaningful evaluations of occupancy in the rental areas. The pre-installation of sensors - e.g. in luminaires or heated/cooling ceilings - by CA Immo allows a high degree of flexibility for the tenant in the active use of data.

Digitization modules enable efficient and convenient office work

Such digitization modules, which are geared toward efficient and energy-optimized operation of the building, are supplemented by other features that simplify the day-to-day work of our tenants' employees and make it more convenient. These include smart parking, for example. This enables tenants to conveniently book and drive into the parking garages. License plate recognition systems and QR code readers enable tenants to drive into the parking garage without the need for a card. A central management platform enables both the owner and the tenant to intelligently manage the parking spaces and parking quotas.


ONE, Shared Lobby, Fotocredit ©CA Immo/Klaus Helbig

In addition to a digital solution for managing access, smart access control also includes the option of locking doors and accesses via access card as well as cell phone through the use of BLE/NFC readers. The overall solution helps both the landlord in the efficient and secure management of authorizations and the tenant in the selection of his preferred access medium. Coupled with the elevators, smart access control can also significantly reduce travel times to and from elevators.


Transparency for tenants and investors through internationally recognized certifications

To make the digitization of our buildings transparent and comprehensible for tenants, CA Immo certifies the buildings according to international standards, such as the WiredScore or SmartScore certificate.