Diversity and inclusion at CA Immo

How important is gender diversity?

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In the composition of our employee structure, we pay attention to equality and balance - both in the workforce as a whole and at all management and executive levels. In the recruitment process, we pay attention not only to professional qualifications but also to the equal treatment of women and men. A fair, non-discriminatory and equal-opportunity application and selection process is particularly important to us. 

We also aim to increase the proportion of female managers through a variety of measures and incentives. For example, women are specifically targeted in internal succession planning and when filling management positions; female applicants are given preference in the recruiting process if their qualifications are equivalent. Even part-time employment does not stand in the way of a managerial position. We are very pleased that this model has already been taken up by some executives and that we are offering an opportunity here that is well received throughout the Group.

Currently, the overall proportion of women across the Group is around 51% (December 31, 2021). We are proud that our Executive Board team has also included a woman since January 1, 2022.

What about work-life balance?

We pay attention to the individual life situations of our employees and want to provide them with the best possible support in different phases of their lives. CA Immo promotes work-life balance in particular through flexible working hours and part-time models, home office, paternity leave and paternity leave. Employees on parental leave are integrated into the internal information network and have the opportunity to participate in annual team meetings and company events.

What partnerships and cooperations are there?

CA Immo is a cooperation partner of myAbility Social Enterprise GmbH. myAbility is a social enterprise consultancy that creates equal opportunities and aims to make society barrier-free from within the economy. For the Frankfurt site, CA Immo started the cooperation as a pilot project to give students with impairments insights into different departments and to promote a culture of inclusion among CA Immo employees. This project will be continued in Vienna this year. By participating in this program, CA Immo was able to learn valuable lessons about accessibility. For example, we derive a great deal of added value from the fact that some changes are being initiated and implemented internally in the direction of an inclusive working environment.

Since 2020, CA Immo has supported the Women in Leadership (F!F) initiative, which actively promotes the change toward more diversity and a contemporary leadership culture in the real estate industry.

How do our employees feel about these topics?

Claudia Höbart, Group Head of Human Resources: "Diversity means including people with different perspectives, experiences, opinions and different working styles and expectations in our daily activities. This requires overcoming prejudices and treating each other with respect."

Katarina Heger, ESG Reporting Manager: "For us, diversity means accepting and appreciating the uniqueness of others. We are convinced that only by valuing diversity can we create a motivating working environment and well-being for all of us. Diversity enriches us in our daily interaction."

Ingo Steinwender, father of four children and Group Head of Legal at CA Immo headquarters in Vienna on work-life balance: "For good work performance, the workplace and the private environment have to fit together. If one part is not right, then the other part is not right either. CA Immo has our backs in this respect."