Vivico reports another tenancy in the industrial park City-West in Berlin

Berlin, 12 March 2007 - The Berlin-based company Getränke Hoffmann will open a city-logistics-location with offices, storage space and sales floor in the industrial park City-West in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The company, that belongs to the Radeberger group, and Vivico undersigned the rental agreement over approx. 3,750 m² in a warehouse of the industrial park. 300 m² will be used as office space, approx. 790 m² as sales floor and the remaining 2,660 m² as storage space. Vivico will build a new warehouse for this tenant. From their new location, Getränke Hoffmann will service its own delivery service “Durstexpress” and at the same time will open a supermarket for beverages. Today the company has approx. 170 shops in Berlin-Brandenburg.