UBM and CA Immo lease office space in the "Kaufmannshof" project at Zollhafen Mainz to Bartenbach Group

  • Bartenbach Group leases around 1,900 of the total 3,300 square meters of commercial space in the high-quality building ensemble
  • Lease term of 10 years with option to extend
  • Completion in summer 2022


Berlin/Mainz, December 14. On the "Hafeninsel" (harbor island) in the Zollhafen Mainz quarter development, UBM and CA Immo are developing the high-quality "Kaufmannshof" and "Flößerhof" building ensembles in a joint venture. While the latter is planned as a purely residential ensemble, the former development will have around 3,300 square meters of high-quality office space in its own commercial building in addition to apartments. Around 1,900 square meters on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors, including the unique roof terrace and around 60 square meters of storage space and 20 parking spaces in the building's own underground garage, have now been leased for 10 years to the Bartenbach Group (Bartenbach AG, Bartenbach Werbemittel GmbH & Co. KG and Bartenbach Sports GmbH & Co. KG). The lease also includes a two-time three-year extension option.

Living and working in a prime waterfront location
The two building ensembles "Kaufmannshof" and "Flößerhof" in the Zollhafen Mainz quarter development not far from Mainz's Neustadt creative district are completely surrounded by water. To the north, they border the harbor basin; on the other three sides, 8-meter-wide canals run along each side, which are designed as independently functioning biotopes with fish stocking and each with around 300 square meters of planting. The "Werkhaus" office building in the "Kaufmannshof" ensemble is being built adjacent to the western of two canal buildings with a total of 45 apartments. Another five residential units will be realized as townhouses facing the harbor basin. The "Flößerhof" comprises a further 92 residential units, including three townhouses, as well as 74 parking spaces in the building's own underground garage.

Andreas Thamm, Chairman of the Management Board of UBM Development Germany, says: "It is a particular pleasure for us to be able to offer Bartenbach AG and its subsidiaries prestigious new office space. As a group of companies already firmly rooted in Mainz, Bartenbach naturally appreciates the unique harbor location close to the city center and, with its approximately 100 employees, will contribute to the further revitalization of the harbor island in the coming years."

Matthias Winkelhardt of CA Immo, which is also responsible for the entire quarter development in Zollhafen together with Stadtwerke Mainz AG, is also pleased with the conclusion of the lease agreement: "The concept of the new Zollhafen as a mixed-use, lively neighborhood for around 2,500 residents, which will also provide space for around 4,000 jobs on the waterfront, is proving to be a real success. As a communications agency and advertising material producer for well-known clients, Bartenbach is an important player in the region and beyond."

Tobias Bartenbach, CEO of the Bartenbach Group, and his team are full of anticipation for the new company headquarters: "The coming year 2022 will be a very special one for us: We are celebrating our 25th anniversary here at the Mainz location and at the same time are moving to new shores: The Kaufmannshof concept won us over and excited us from the start: the location at the Zollhafen, the architecture, the connection between New Work, an urban environment, and living and working on the waterfront. And this fascination in turn gives rise to creative impulses and ideas for our work."

Architectural gem with modern facilities
The "Kaufmannshof" ensemble does not only owe its special charm to its unique location at the harbor basin and the newly created canals. Architecturally, too, it is a real eye-catcher with its sustainable, solid clinker multilayer cavity facade and the loggias, balconies and gardens of the various residential units. In addition, there are green roofs and an intensively landscaped inner courtyard with a rain retention system. Heating is provided by district heating from the nearby combined heat and power plant of the city of Mainz, and the ensemble's state-of-the-art underground parking garage is pre-equipped for electric charging infrastructure.

Construction of the "Kaufmannshof" commenced in summer 2020, with completion scheduled for mid-2022. Above-ground construction work on the "Flößerhof" ensemble was able to begin in November of this year, with completion scheduled for the end of 2023.

Images of the project Kaufmannshof can be found in the image archive in the Press section at using the keyword „Kaufmannshof“ or downloaded from this Link.