Florian Nowotny resigns as CFO of CA Immobilien Anlagen AG upon expiry of 30 September 2016

Dr. Hans Volkert Volckens is appointed as the new CFO as of 27 September 2016

Vienna, 27.9.2016. CA Immobilien Anlagen AG (the "Company") and Mr. Florian Nowotny agreed that Mr. Nowotny will, at his own request, prematurely resign as a member of the Executive Board and CFO of the Company upon expiry of 30 September 2016. The Company's Supervisory Board acknowledged and confirmed Mr. Nowotny's premature resignation in today's supervisory board meeting. 

In addition, the Company's Supervisory Board resolved in its meeting today to appoint Dr. Hans Volkert Volckens with immediate effect as a member of the Executive Board and the new CFO of the Company. Dr. Volckens is an expert in the areas of law, taxes, accounting and management of real estate enterprises in challenging times.