Changes to the Supervisory Board of CA Immo

Vienna, 03.05.2016. O1 Group Limited („O1“) has exercised its delegation rights pursuant to the registered shares (Namensaktien) in today’s annual general meeting. Dr. Wolfgang Renner, Marina Rudneva and Timothy Fenwick have been delegated to the Supervisory Board with immediate effect.In addition, Torsten Hollstein and Dr. Florian Koschat were elected on the proposal of the core shareholder Terim Limited for the maximum term possible until the end of the Shareholders Meeting, which resolves on the exoneration for the business year 2020. As a consequence the maximum number of 12 members elected by the shareholders has been reached.

In the constituent assembly of the Supervisory Board of CA Immobilien Anlagen AG, which took place immediately after the 29th annual general meeting, the following changes to the Supervisory Board had been resolved on: Torsten Hollstein was elected new Chairman of the Board with Dr. Florian Koschat as new second Deputy Chairman; Dmitry Mints was confirmed as Deputy Chairman. Futhermore, the works council has exercised its right to delegate 4 members to the Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board consists now of the following members:

Torsten Hollstein (Chairman)

Dmitry Mints (Deputy Chairman)

Dr. Florian Koschat (Deputy Chairman)

Richard Gregson

Michael Stanton

John Nacos

Dr. Maria Doralt

Barbara A. Knoflach

Dr. Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer

Dr. Wolfgang Renner (delegated by registered share)

Marina Rudneva (delegated by registered share)

Timothy Fenwick (delegated by registered share)

Representatives from the works council:

Sebastian Obermair 

Nicole Kubista

Franz Reitermayer 

Georg Edinger