CA Immobilien Anlagen AG: Share buyback program ended

Vienna, 2 November 2018. The Management Board of CA Immobilien Anlagen AG hereby announces pursuant to section 7 para 4 of the Austrian Publication Ordinance (Veröffentlichungsverordnung 2018) that the share buyback program starting on 28 November 2016 on the basis of an enabling resolution passed by the 29th Ordinary General Meeting of 3 May 2016 was completed according to plan at 2 November 2018.

A total of 780,037 bearer shares (ISIN AT0000641352) in the company (approx. 0.7894 of the share capital) was acquired via the stock exchange in the period between 28 November 2016 and 2 November 2018 at an aggregate value of EUR 15,637,541.28. The weighted average price per share was thus EUR 20.0472. The highest consideration per share paid within the framework of the buyback program was EUR 24.20 and the lowest was EUR 16.845.

As at 2 November 2018, CA Immobilien Anlagen AG holds a total of 5,780,037 treasury shares. This corresponds to 5.8497% of the total number of 98,808,336 voting shares issued.

Details of transactions effected within the scope of this buyback program and any amendments to the buyback program have been published on the website of CA Immobilien Anlagen AG (