CA Immobilien Anlagen AG: Dividend Announcement

ISIN AT0000641352 / ISIN AT0000641345

Vienna, 4.5.2016. In the 29th ordinary shareholders’ meeting of CA Immobilien Anlagen Aktiengesellschaft, Vienna, FN 75895 k, held on 3 May 2016 a dividend distribution for the 2015 financial year of EUR 0.50 per no-par share entitled to a dividend was resolved upon. According to Austrian tax law, the distribution of the net profit qualifies as a repayment of capital pursuant to Section 4 para. 12 Income Tax Act (EStG). The dividend shall be payable on 10 May 2016 (dividend payment  date); ex-dividend  date  is  6  May  2016. The record  date  for  determining  entitled shareholdings is 9 May 2016.

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