CA Immo lets well, on a long-term basis and green in Vienna office buildings

Vienna, June 29, 2023. CA Immo concluded four new, long-term office leases for a total of around 5,600 sqm of rental space in Quartier Lände 3 on Erdberger Lände and for the Storchengasse 1 office building on Linke Wienzeile in the last half of the year.

The new tenants in Quartier Lände 3 in the 3rd district include the IT company NTB SOLUTIONS GmbH with around 1,400 m² of rental space at Dietrichgasse 25-27, the biotechnology company Ingenetix GmbH with around 1,900 m² of rental space and another company with around 1,200 m² of rental space at Haidingergasse 1-15. Another renowned service company has established its new corporate headquarters at Storchengasse 1 on Linke Wienzeile, where it has rental space of around 1,100 m².

CA Immo continues implementation of green lease deals

Some of the new leases were also concluded as green leases. In these agreements, the contractual partners mutually commit to far-reaching measures for the most sustainable, resource-saving and environmentally friendly operation possible of both the building and the office space, as well as to the exchange of consumption data for the optimization of energy consumption and the respective sustainability reporting.

Vojtech Ozorovsky, Head of Commercial Asset Management CA Immo Austria and CEE "We are delighted to welcome our new tenants to both Quartier Lände 3 and Storchengasse 1 in Vienna. We are particularly pleased that the tenants support our efforts to operate the buildings and rental spaces in a sustainable and resource-saving operation. In the last two years, CA Immo has already concluded over 100 such green leases across the Group, which shows us how important the issue of sustainability, ESG and the associated reporting is now also taken by office tenants."

Over 70 % of CA Immo's international office building portfolio already has a sustainability certificate. CA Immo is making great efforts to ensure that its entire, high-quality portfolio is constantly adapted to meet growing sustainability requirements. For example, since the beginning of 2022, only renewable electricity has been used to operate the international office building portfolio. Lease agreements are preferably concluded as green leases and buildings are modernized in terms of technology and energy. For example, CA Immo installed photovoltaic systems to generate electricity on various buildings - including in the Lände 3 Quarter.

Informal communication venues, services and employee health in focus

CA Immo also pays attention to the services offered to tenants and their employees in its office buildings. Informal meeting places for communication, but also gastronomic offerings, very good accessibility by public transport and recreational opportunities are now decisive criteria for office tenants in their choice of location.

With its attractive range of restaurants, cafés and local amenities, as well as its unique location directly on the Danube Canal and just a stone's throw away from the Green Prater, the Lände 3 office quarter offers tenants everything that today's generations of employees expect from an attractive office location. And the Storchengasse 1 office building also scores with its central, urban location with excellent public transport connections.

The companies EDEX Immobilien, ÖRAG Immobilien and OTTO Immobilien acted as advisors and intermediaries in the conclusion of the lease agreements.