Arnulfpark® in Munich grows apace - Bristol-Myers Squibb to rent over 10,000 m²

Bristol-Myers Squibb has taken out a lease on over 10,000 m² of office space with the real estate company Vivico, the two companies announced today in Munich. For Bristol-Myers Squibb, the central location and district concept were key factors in selecting the Arnulfpark® site. For Vivico, the Arnulfpark® is a prime example of its strategy of developing urban districts all over Germany.
The 10,600 m² of office space leased to the pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb will be located in the MK6 office building to be built on the corner Arnulfstrasse and Hackerbruecke. The building was designed by the architects KSP Engel und Zimmermann and construction work is due to begin in April 2007, with completion scheduled for mid-2008. The complex will contain over 27,400 m² of office space for rent. Both DTZ Deutschland and Immobilien-Kontor Schauer & Schöll Colliers PropertyPartner acted as consultants and agents in the rental negotiations.
For Bernhard H. Hansen, CEO of Vivico, Bristol-Myers Squibb's decision is a sign of confidence in the Arnulfpark® as a prime location in Munich. "We have now exceeded the threshold of 50,000 m² in new commercial rental property in the Arnulfpark." According to Hansen, Vivico will retain ownership of the new office complex. "Given the popularity of the Arnulfpark, we anticipate that the other offices in the building will soon be leased. We can also use the remaining offices in the building to service short-term demand in the improving market for office space in Munich."
"Hard factors such as efficient layout or value for money are more or less taken as read in the current market," says Lydia Lux-Schmitt, the Senior Finance Director Germany of Bristol-Myers Squibb. "But we want to go one step further with our new site. We want to establish structures that promote employee communication whilst also complying with other requirements, such as higher environmental standards," Ms Lux-Schmitt continues. The company had decided to relocate the head office to the city centre, and Arnulfpark® with its central, easily-accessible position and modern building design was the ideal choice.
For Bernhard H. Hansen, the Arnulfpark® demonstrates how the process of modern inner city development can be realised while meeting the needs of a modern city district: "As developers, our aim is to create an urban atmosphere in areas that were previously unused. That can only work if the people who live and work in the district feel happy there." Consequently, the Arnulfpark® combines a whole variety of factors and requirements, from family-friendliness and environmental issues right through to using cutting-edge technology in living and working conditions. For example, the office and residential building on Klaus-Mann-Platz (MI1) and the offices in the cogeneration plant (MK1) currently under construction together with the office complex to be built on the corner of Arnulfstrasse and Hackerbruecke (MK6) will all use geothermal energy systems to regulate temperature. The Arnulfpark® is family friendly, with a large park and play area plus four kindergartens, two of which are already open. Plans to build a theatre and the design for the Rainer-Werner-Fassbinder-Platz will ensure that cultural aspects is represented in the district.