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Developed by CA Immo

MY.O - Change Takes Place

Customised – unadjusted. While usage and area concepts orientate themselves according to the needs of a new world of work, MY.O's architecture is completely independent: unique in design, relevant in size, inestimable in a highly frequented position. With its strong identity, MY.O contributes to the city image of the western section of Munich. 

The entire ensemble is made up of a striking structure at the future Nymphenburger Platz, to which three further buildings are attached along the train tracks, which can be used together or separately. Set a little behind, at the West-facing outside staircase, with adjacent plaza, is the fifth, solitary-designed building. 

Next to the matte green plaster façade, there are also unusually curved, multilevel arches and arcades, which make MY.O to an architectonic unique model. The attractiveness and quality of the rooms – and work places! – behind the walls can be seen from the outside. The southward facing penthouse offices also have access to the green rooftop terraces. 


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