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The Missouri Park office building is one of the final building elements of the "Riverside Karlín" neighborhood development. It complements the existing, architecturally and qualitatively outstanding office buildings Danube House, Nile House, Mississippi House and Amazon Court in the heart of Prague's central 8th district directly on the banks of the Vltava River.

Due to its proximity to the city center and good public transport links, the area has established itself as a popular location.

Riverside Karlín is positioned as a sustainable, innovative and healthy office campus with a high quality of stay and attractive services. Missouri Park offers a state-of-the-art sustainable office space, terraces and a variety of recreational opportunities in the surrounding area. The fusion of the modern office environment with the natural riverfront, promenade, public park and numerous recreational opportunities creates work environments with a high feel-good factor.

  • Mississippi House Missouri Park Prague
  • Mississippi Haus Missouri Park Prague
  • Mississippi House, Missouri Park

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