New arrival at CA Immo

New arrival at CA Immo - our little friends have landed

We are happy to announce that three bee colonies now inhabit the roof of our headquarters in Vienna, thanks to the master beekeeper Matt Bee Honey. With the Botanical Garden, the bees find an optimal area for their collecting flights.

  • Three beehives

In this way, we not only want to give the bees a home and harvest delicious honey, but also counteract bee mortality by supporting the multiplication of bee colonies and promoting plant biodiversity. Bees have a direct impact on our fruit and vegetable harvests through their pollination services, but also on plant diversity, which in turn serves as a food source for many other animals. Only through pollination, which takes place through pollen carried by bees from one flower to the next, can seed and flowering plants reproduce. Each bee colony sends out between 10,000 and 15,000 bees per day, with each bee visiting 200 to 300 flowers per flight and a total of 1,800 flowers per day[1].

[1] Quelle: Thomas Beissel, Imker