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Urban Benchmarks since 1987.

CA Immo - specialist in office properties in Central European capitals.


CA Immo is a real estate company with its headquarters in Vienna and branch offices in six countries of Central Europe. Its core business involves leasing, managing and developing high-quality office buildings. The company covers the entire value chain in the field of commercial real estate, based on a high degree of in-house construction expertise. Founded in 1987, CA Immo controls property assets of around € 3.5 bn in Germany (44%), Austria (19%) and Eastern Europe (37%).

CA Immo in figures

Employees at 8 sites
CA Immo expertise in your locality.
Occupancy rate
Satisfied tenants stay put: Long-term occupants contribute to a positive utilisation rate.
Property Assets
€ bn
Property assets in Central European top locations.
Net income
€ m
Long-term profitability and value creation for our shareholders.