Vivico lays the foundation stone for the ATMOS building in Munich's Arnulfpark®

Munich, 26 July 2007 - In a festive ceremony Vivico today laid the foundation stone for the ATMOS office building in the Air Quarter of Arnulfpark®. With the traditional three hammer blows the following participants gave their blessing to the building: Dr. Elisabeth Merk, Head of the City Planning Office; Stephan Kleber, Head of Vivico Munich; and Stefan Ludwig, Technical Director of Ed. Züblin AG, representing the main contractors S. Pöttinger GmbH & Co. KG and Ed. Züblin AG.
The ATMOS office building represents Vivico's second commercially-utilised building in the Air Quarter (after the VELUM commercial and residential building) of Munich's new Arnulfpark® district. "ATMOS will not only be a modern and contemporary office building in one of Munich's best locations, it will also feature highly attractive architecture, an innovative energy-utilisation model and ecologically friendly building materials. Above all what we want to achieve is that future users of this building feel well and comfortable here", commented Stephan Kleber. Kleber offered his best wishes for the building and the construction process.
In her speech Chief City Planning Officer Dr. Elisabeth Merk emphasized the significance of the Arnulfpark® district as a whole: "Arnulfpark successfully represents an active combination of living, working and - thanks to the large, centrally-located park and other amenities - leisure in a single development." She went on to say that the modern architectural design of the building combined with the expansive open spaces in the park and plazas were unique in Munich.
The ATMOS office building at the corner of Arnulfstraße and Hackerbrücke marks the entrance to the Arnulfpark® district. This building was designed by internationally renowned architects KSP Engel & Zimmermann. It contains a total rental area of approximately 27,000 square metres, of which around 40 percent has already been rented to the pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). BMS will transfer its German headquarters to this building in mid 2008. The transparent architecture, the extensive inner courtyards and the five-storey-high atrium refer to the theme of air in this quarter, thereby creating a unique atmosphere of well-being for the building's users. Further contributing to this are the building's sustainable energy-utilisation model and the consistent use of ecologically friendly building materials. Thanks to innovative technology, up to fifty percent of the building's energy requirements can be met by regenerative energy sources. For example, ground water is used to cool and heat the building.  Yet the concept of well-being doesn't stop with technical innovation. The choice of colours and materials in the interior reflects a balanced and attractive design. Spacious communal zones and a canteen with an outside area encourage communication between staff members.