Notice of the results of the invitation to participate in tender offer for holders of outstanding bonds

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Vienna, 04 February 2020. CA Immobilien Anlagen AG („CA Immo“) has, on 16 January 2020, invited the holders of outstanding Notes shown in the table below to submit offers for the repurchase of the Notes. Notes in the aggregate face value as set out in the table below have been offered to CA Immo.

Outstanding Notes


Purchase Price

Aggregate Face Value of Notes offered for Purchase

1.875% CA Immo Notes due 2021




2.750% CA Immo Notes due 2022




2.750% CA Immo Notes due 2023




The invitation to submit offers to repurchase Notes was initially limited to a maximum amount of EUR 60,000,000. However, CA Immo decided that no pro rata scaling will be applied and to fully accept the total amount of Notes tendered.

This buy-back of outstanding Notes carrying interest above CA Immo’s average cost of debt marks an integral element of the company’s effort to continuously optimize its financing structure, with a positive impact on the company’s maturity profile and average debt maturity. In addition, the average cost of debt will be reduced in light of the concurrent benchmark corporate bond 2020-2027 issuance with a cash coupon of 0.875%.

The settlement of the Notes, i.e. the payment of the purchase price and the derecognition of Notes accepted for repurchase by CA Immo, is expected to take place on 05 February 2020.

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