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Munich city council adopts draw-up decision for new model quarter

Munich's city council today decided to draw up a development plan for building a residential quarter in the Feldmoching-Hasenbergl district. The city council thus agreed to the decision taken by the Committee for Urban Planning and Building Regulations, which had already approved the key data for an urban development and landscape planning competition in preliminary discussions on 3 July 2019.

The basis of the draw-up decision is a structural concept developed by the regional capital of Munich, represented by the Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations, together with the joint venture partners CA Immo and Büschl Unternehmensgruppe. The structural concept describes the key data of a new residential quarter with 1,750 to 2,000 apartments to be built on the 21-hectare area of the so-called Eggarten. The key data were also adopted today by the city council.

According to the wish of all parties involved, the quarter, which is now to be planned further, should serve as a model both from a social and an ecological point of view. Between 40 and 50 percent of the apartments will be built as subsidised housing by cooperatives. This concept not only allows to create affordable housing on a large scale, but also ensures that the cooperative apartments will be subject to fixed-price periods of up to 60 years, which is significantly longer than usual for municipally subsidised housing construction. The joint venture partners have already signed a letter of intent with GIMA (Genossenschaftliche Immobilienagentur) München eG.

The quarter is expected to set also new ecological standards. This includes both a sustainable energy and mobility concept and a high proportion of public and private natural, green and open spaces. The development aims to take account of the interests of nature conservation and species protection as well as maintenance of a fresh air corridor.

In addition, extensive sports areas, a primary school and day-care nurseries for children as well as a vibrant quarter centre accommodating neighbourhood stores for shopping are planned. These facilities will not only be available to future residents, but also to those living in the urban district, thus supporting networking within the new quarter and the promotion of common and lively structures with the neighbourhood.

As early as 4 May 2019, interested citizens were given an opportunity to inform themselves about the structural concept and the planning objectives during an initial public dialogue, discuss with representatives of the Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations and the project developers, and actively contribute their wishes, ideas, suggestions, but also criticism. The documentation of the event was part of the draft resolution for the city council. The documents can be viewed in the Ratsinformationssystem der Landeshauptstadt München (Council Information System of the regional capital of Munich).

Next steps
In autumn 2019, an urban development and landscape planning competition is to be launched in close cooperation with the regional capital of Munich. The result of this competition will serve as the basis of the subsequent development plan procedure. Citizens will also have the opportunity for information and dialogue at other events. The next event is set to take place at a panel discussion presumably in October 2019, still before the start of the competition. Details will be announced in good time on the website and on the website of the Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations. It is expected that in March 2020 - after completion of the urban development and landscape planning competition - the results of the competition will be exhibited and another citizens' information event will take place. Realisa-tion of the residential quarter will begin around the year 2024.