CA Immo emerged victorious in the “Funds and Investors” category of the Austrian REAL ESTATE BRAND (Immobilienmarken) AWARD announced last Thursday.


The prize, awarded by EUGIMB (Europäische Gesellschaft für Immobilienmarkenbeobachtung - European association of real estate brand analysis) determines the most valuable brands in ten categories, based on quantitative awareness combined with qualitative brand values, such as level of innovation, trustworthiness and expert competence. The analysis is founded on a survey of more than 5,000 Austrian real estate professionals.

Dr. Bruno Ettenauer, Chair of the CA Immo Management Board: “Over the past, very difficult, years, we worked hard to keep the promises we made: development projects that had been announced were realised, we set up important financing arrangements under extremely difficult framework conditions and were ultimately also able to pay the shareholders’ dividend we had announced. To us, this award is valuable proof of confidence and confirms that CA Immo is perceived by the Austrian real estate sector as a strong and reliable partner.”
The most valuable brands in each category, and thus the winners of the REAL ESTATE BRAND AWARDS AUSTRIA 2012 are as follows:
• CA Immo (Funds/Investors category)
• HSG Zander (Facility Management category)
• ATP Architekten (Architects category)
• Strauss & Partner Development (Project developer/Building contractor category)
• Immorent (Banking category)
• EHL Immobilien (Real estate broker category)
• EHL Asset Management (Asset/Property Management category)
• TPA Horwath Wirtschaftstreuhand und Steuerberatung (Real estate consultant category)
• Eco Plus Niederösterreich (Economic region category)
• Vienna DC (Economic location category)

The EUGIMB press release, containing details of the results of the brand value study carried out as the basis for awarding the prizes, and images from the REAL ESTATE BRAND AWARDS 2012 event can be found at:

About the design of the study
The design of the study used to determine the brand values is constructed in two parts. Firstly, an internal proce-dure is used to determine those companies in the real estate sector that are best known. Companies achieving awareness of more than 75% move forward into the second stage of the study. Eighty-eight companies achieved this status in the current year. In the second part of the process, more than 5,000 Austrian real estate professionals were asked to judge the brands. Seventeen different criteria were assessed for each brand.

EUGIMB is the Europäische Gesellschaft für Immobilienmarkenbeobachtung mbH based in Berlin. EUGIMB has analysed more than 1,000 companies from the real estate sector every year since 2008. A fundamental part of the Association’s work consists of the REAL ESTATE BRAND VALUE STUDY, the largest empirical database of national and international real estate company brands. It took a year and a half to develop, during which time the decisive criteria/value drivers and their respective weightings were explored in collaboration with the real estate sector. EUGIMB also provides comprehensive analysis tools for companies and sets up additional studies on the topic of real estate brands.

Contact for further enquiries at EUGIMB: 

Katija-Katarina Kos
Managing Partner & CEO
Tel.: +49 (0)30 443 293 248

Contact for further enquiries at CA Immo:
Mag. Julia Müller
Tel.: +43 (0)1 532 59 07 581


Monday, 04. June 2012 13:05