Planned volume of € 100–150 million, Five-year maturity

  • Planned volume of € 100–150 million
  • Five-year maturity
  • Interest rate will be between 6.0% and 7.0%
  • Significant improvement of maturity structure
  • Subscription period for private investors in Austria 9th–13th October 2009 (early closure possible)

CA Immobilien Anlagen AG is planning to issue a public corporate bond with a total volume of €100–150 million.  The maturity will be five years and the subscription period for private investors in Austriaruns from 9th–13th October2009 (early closure possible). The value date for the transaction will be 16th October 2009, the interest rate will be between 6.0% and 7.0% (the final interest rate will only be fixed and published immediately before the start of the subscription period). UniCredit CAIB AG acts as the lead manager for the transaction.

The proceeds will be used to further optimize the financing structure: Around half of the proceeds raised from the issue will be utilised to repay existing financial debt, thereby improving the maturity structure. The remainder will be used to strengthen the liquidity of the CA Immo Group.

According to Dr. Bruno Ettenauer, Chief Executive Officer at CA Immo, “The proceeds of the bond issuance will give us extra scope to exploit the opportunities that are currently presenting themselves on the real estate markets.” The corporate strategy is focussed on leveraging the core strengths of the company: the sustainable management of high quality office properties. Moreover, intensive efforts are being made to implement the development projects, especially in Germany. “We are pursuing our strategy, are realising the announced projects according to schedule and consolidate our financing structure for the long haul”, so Dr.Ettenauer closing.

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CA Immobilien Anlagen AG
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