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Developed by CA Immo

Mercedes-Benz Distribution Center

In immediate vicinity of the O2 World in Berlin an office building for 1.200 employees of the Mercedes-Benz central distribution has been developed on a area of 28.000 m². The architects Gewers & Pudewill designed a unique ensemble as a highrise with 14 levels whose appearance is characterized by a moving, rhythmical structured double glassed unitized façade. With a Mercedes-Benz- Show-Room and a bistro on the ground floor the new quarter is open for the urban living.

Aesthetics and sustainability always in view

The planning was carried out in close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Vertrieb Deutschland. High-quality materials and components were used in all areas – naturally also owed to the Mercedes-Benz label. The use of natural stone, attractive carpeting, high-quality partition walls and selected wall decorations as well as technically first-class metal cooling ceilings ensure that the building meets the demands for upscale furnishings with full flexibility.

In particular, the publicly accessible areas such as the café, bistro and showroom represent the tenant to the outside world. The tenant’s wish for the greatest possible transparency was fulfilled with a sophisticated design concept and the use of a high degree of glass system partitions. The building envelope also impresses with its quality and aesthetics, while at the same time offering outstanding state-of-the-art building physics properties. The building was developed by CA Immo Group and sold to Mercedes-Benz. The completion took place in 2013.


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